4 Resources To Become a Better Domain Investor

Becoming a better domain investor requires time and effort. It’s going to require you educating yourself about the market, current trends, and testing new strategies. Thankfully, there are several great resources out there to help you learn more about domain investing and how to improve your results. Best of all, most of these domaining resources are completely free!

Domain Investing Resources

1. Domain Forums – Domain name forums like NamePros & DNForum have become go-to places for domain investors of all different sizes. People gather on these forums to discuss recent purchases, appraise domain names, and buy or sell domains. Like any online forum, it’s wise to observe before writing your own posts. Understand the rules before you jump in feet first. Also, you can expect unfiltered feedback from other forum members. Don’t be surprised if someone says your domain portfolio stinks. It may hurt, but the more you listen and think about the feedback you receive, the more you’ll learn and improve.

2. Blogs – There are a handful of good domain investing blogs which write about things happening around the industry, just like the one you’re reading now. A good way to find blogs that you want to visit on a regular basis is to use the domain blog aggregator domaining.com. Domaining.com shows the latest posts from almost all domain blogs. Other professional domainers like Elliot Silver and his blog DomainInvesting.com share industry news and tips that he’s learned over his many years of investing.

3. DNAcademy – DNAcademy is a step-by-step course that teaches you how to invest in domains. It’s online-based and teaches keywords, valuations, buying and selling, and how to run a successful domain investing business. Unlike most other resources available, this one does cost money. Still, it’s become a popular way for domain investors to quickly learn how to invest in domains or improve their current investment strategy. I have personally never paid for DNAcademy, but it does have several positive reviews online.

4. Sales Data Resources – Domain investing is a data-driven business. You need to understand which domains are selling and for how much. This can be done by using different tools and reading DNJournal’s weekly list of top domain sales. Keep in mind, the list above only includes the highest-reported sales, so they aren’t representative of the domain name market at large. Sites like NameBio offer a larger database of domain name sales. You can also search by a variety of metrics like pattern, length, extensions, and more. NameBio also publishes a feed of the most recently publicly-reported sales in all price ranges. The service is free, but a paid membership gets you access to more features.

Stock investors never stop researching and learning. The same thing is necessary to be a successful domain investor. There’s no magic bullet for success. It takes time and costly experiences before you’ll truly feel comfortable. Use the resources above to expand your knowledge and become a better domain investor in a shorter amount of time.