ExpiredDomains.com SimilarWeb Metrics Can Help You Survive Without Alexa Rank

SimilarWeb is a market intelligence platform that provides traffic, engagement and audience insights for both developed websites and expired domain names. The platform was founded in 2007 and has seen tremendous growth since their initial launch. With its main competitor Alexa (owned by Amazon) making the announcement that they will be shutting down the Alexa.com ranking site in May of 2022, the need for a reliable alternative is something thousands of webmasters and domainers will be searching for. As of now, SimilarWeb is easily the best solution for those wanting something close in relation to the Alexa ranking system. The platform is user friendly and great for website owners to use if they are trying to lookup analytics for their own website or that of a competitor. However, domain investors need something more powerful, and that’s where ExpiredDomains.com comes in!

SimilarWeb for Domain Investors

Unlike the average website owner who might utilize SimilarWeb metrics to analyze their own domain or that of just one or two competitors, domainers often want to know these types of specifics about thousands of domain names. Along with that, they want to know these specific details about a certain niche of domains – those which have recently expired and will soon be available for new registration. Metrics like global rank, top referral sources, number of indexed pages, search volume, and unique visitors can help investors quickly identify expired domain names that were previously developed and therefor, could have some existing traffic coming into them. Investors need a tool which can give them all of the in-depth analytics SimilarWeb offers, but it needs to be quick since there are new domains dropping each day, and it needs to be able to provide that data for tens of thousands of domains, not just one or two. The ExpiredDomains.com platform does just that, it lets domainers quickly view, export and sort daily lists of expired domains with full SimilarWeb details! Look below for a screenshot of a small sample that was exported:

expireddomains similarweb

Why Domain Investors Should Use SimilarWeb

Anyone who invests in domain names for the purpose of getting traffic needs to be using SimilarWeb metrics. Not just because Alexa is no longer an option, but because SimilarWeb provides much more in-depth information. Any expert investor or domain hobbyist can look at a list of expiring domains and see something premium like Widget.com and immediately know it’s a good domain. However, they won’t be able to see that a random domain like BlueWidgetReviews.com was actually a previously developed review website that’s been online for over five years and has hundreds of backlinks pointing to it along with thousands of pages still indexed in Google which helps it receive dozens of unique visitors per day even though the owner had decided to drop the project and let the domain expire. Now it will soon be available for anyone out there to register for themselves. Someone just scanning through a list of expired domains would likely miss this golden opportunity to get a domain they could probably just park somewhere and make their small investment back on pretty shortly. Someone going through that same list of expired domains with all of the SimilarWeb metrics available to them could simply sort the list with one click, and find that name in minutes. SimilarWeb metrics on expired domain lists will help you quickly identify those which likely have existing traffic coming into them because they were probably a developed website before expiring. As a domain investor, you can make good money off these types of domains by either selling them, re-developing them into a new website, or using a domain parking service to display ads on them.

Features Offered by ExpiredDomains.com

This platform offers much more than just SimilarWeb metrics, but these are where the focus is at for this blog post. Quickly find and sort lists by SimilarWeb Global Rank, Top Country, Top Source, Direct Traffic, Referrals, Search, Social, Visits, Unique Visitors, Bounce Rate, Growth, and Desktop Share. Other metrics available for individual domains include BrandRank, Whois birth year, search volume, CPC, GoDaddy Valuation, number of indexed pages, and many others!

If you’re an investor who currently uses the Alexa website to get analytics for expired domain names then you are going to need a reliable alternative! Head over to ExpiredDomains.com right now and signup to begin getting all of the important SimilarWeb metrics you need (in bulk) from just one simple platform. Quickly determine if domains that will be dropping in the near future could have some existing traffic coming into them. This is a tool that was made by domain investors with the everyday domain investor in mind!