New Drop Catching Service for .CA Domains

Canadian domain investors will be able to start the new year off with a helpful service they can utilize to catch all of their desired .CA domain name backorders. CatchDrop is a relatively new player in the .CA drop catching market, but it’s quickly becoming a competitor for some of the best expired Canadian domains. In this post I’m going to dive a little bit more into the world of .CA domains and discuss why you should use this service if you invest in them.

What Is CatchDrop?

CatchDrop is a domain backorder service specifically created to automatically register expired .CA domain names. Much like NameJet and DropCatch do for the .COM extension, CatchDrop does for the .CA extension. Users can visit the website and place backorders for domains which will be available for new registration in the near future, or join auctions for domains that have already been registered by them and are currently available. It costs just $8.88 to place a backorder on an expired domain.

What Makes CatchDrop Different?

As most Canadian domainers will tell you, the most well-known and established drop catching services in the .CA domain market are MyID and WHC. These companies have been around for years and also offer domain backordering. However, they do not offer public auctions on the domains they register. This means if you didn’t place a backorder request for the domain before they caught it, then you do not get to participate in the auction for it afterwards. CatchDrop was designed to do things differently. It’s the first Canadian backorder service which places their caught domains into a public auction where you can bid on it even if you didn’t place a request for the domain before they registered it.

How Do I Register a .CA Domain?

Canada has different domain registration requirements when compared to other extensions like .COM or .NET and because of that, you might not be eligible to own a .CA domain name. To register a . CA domain name, you must be a Canadian Citizen, a permanent resident of Canada, or an organization in Canada such as a corporation, partnership, educational institution, or government entity with ties to Canada.

More About .CA Domain Names

Canada domains can be a great investment for those who qualify to register them. Due to the registration requirements there are fewer domain investors out there who can own them which means for those who can, there isn’t as much competition. It’s also worth noting that Canada is a first world country, is the second largest country in the world in terms of area, and is the thirty ninth largest country in the world in terms of population. The largest reported .CA domain sale on NameBio is for $600,000 USD.

How Do I Backorder a .CA Domain?

Placing domain backorders for expired .CA domains is easy. Visit the CatchDrop website and create your free account. Then, visit the homepage and search for domains that might interest you. There is a filter for diamond picks which are the hottest domains that will be dropping. Once you find a domain you like, click the Backorder button and your request will be placed. When the expired Canada domains drop each week (every Wednesday), their system will automatically try to register it for you. If they are successful and you are the only one who backordered it, you will get the name for only $8.88! If multiple people backordered the domain then it will go into a public auction where you, the other people who backordered it, or the general public will all be able to bid on it.

If you’re a .CA domain investor then I hope this post has taught you more about a powerful new player in the Canadian drop catching game and how you can use them to get the best expired .CA domains that will soon be available for new registration. Don’t miss out – setup your account today!