The 6 Hidden Aspects of Pay-Per Click Marketing

Paid advertising has been accelerating the return on investment (ROI) for both small and large businesses over the past two decades now. Large scale businesses will actually go out and hire digital marketing agencies to invest their advertising budgets into several different types of PPC campaigns. Pay-per click plays a crucial role in successful digital marketing because it can expand your online presence while also delivering astounding results because traffic is extremely targeted which results in higher conversions.

Every website owner should understand the significance of PPC campaigns and how they can be used to steer a crowd of online visitors towards their specific website, landing page, or application. Even if you’re already experienced in PPC, you should continue reading to learn some of the most interesting facts about this unique industry.

Over half of paid search clicks come from mobile devices – At this day in age, roughly 95% of paid search clicks are from mobile users. There’s no denying that mobile is the future! That means you need to have mobile responsive web and landing pages. If not, make sure you use a pay-per click provider that lets you disable the ability to get clicks from mobile browsers.

52% of online visitors will click an ad to call the advertiser – Get the full benefits of paid advertising by showcasing a click-to-call button that will let visitors reach out to you. This can help you gain even more sales or leads with each click!

PPC can increase profits on a limited budget – Many small businesses don’t have large marketing budgets and therefor can’t spend thousands of dollars on search engine optimization. One great thing about pay-per click marketing is that it can help start-ups and other small businesses get customers and sales even if they have a small budget. Your business will get enhanced online visibility even if you don’t spend a ton of money, and what makes it even better is that your PPC campaigns will rank instantly based on your bid. That means you won’t have to wait months to see results like you often see with doing SEO.

Google updates never impact your PPC results – Google is constantly releasing new algorithm updates which may affect your search engine ranking results. Thankfully, you don’t need to worry about that when working with pay-click advertisements. Your efforts in PPC will never drop off the map with a new Google algorithm update!

The top 3 ads grab all the clicks – If you plan on getting into PPC marketing and want to be successful then prepare to but your creative/thinking cap on! Your unique SEO practices used to get organic traffic might not be what’s best in the PPC market. Remember, you want a catchy advertisement that is bid to rank in the top 3 results. This will get you the most exposure and click count.

PPC works for businesses of all shapes and sizes – PPC marketing will accelerate the wheels of success for virtually any type of business. If you implement the right PPC strategy you can easily earn several times what your website might already be making from organic or social media traffic. It doesn’t matter what niche your site is in, just remember to do proper keyword research and make sure your campaigns are targeting the proper keyphrases.