Best .COM Domain Registrar Prices and Features

Are you ready to go out and register a great new domain name that you just thought of and noticed was available? Before you rush to register it, I suggest taking a few minutes to think about which domain registrar you are going to use. Doing so could actually save you some time and money. When registering new domain names most people quickly type in their favorite (or most preferred) registrar and then pay whatever that company is charging. Did you know some domain registrars can charge twice as much to register a new .COM when compared to others? Don’t let yourself get ripped off by paying one company more for a domain than you have to. Maybe there are certain reasons you choose to use a particular registrar, and that’s alright. However, if you’re someone who registers several domains on a regular basis then saving between $3-$8 per domain could add up to loads of extra money by the end of the year! Below I’m going to highlight several different domain registrars and what they currently charge for a new .COM registration. I’ll also list some of the features which are included (or excluded) with your new registration. This would include things like email forwarding and whois privacy.

Note: All of the domain registrars below are ICANN accredited. That means you won’t be dealing with unstable companies or resellers. You can feel comfortable using any of these registrars as they’ve each had to go through extensive review when becoming an accredited .COM domain registrar.

GoDaddy – GoDaddy is probably the most popular. But, keep in mind this type of popularity comes at a price. All those commercials you see cost money and the company needs to make that money in one way or another. With that in mind, .COM registrations tend to be a little more expensive here. New .COM domains cost $9.99 for the first year and then goes up to $14.99 the following year for renewal. Also, the company does not offer free whois privacy. You will be paying roughly $15/year extra for that if desired.

DynaDot – DynaDot isn’t as popular, but offers slightly cheaper pricing with new .COM domains going for $8.99 the first year and $10.99 renewals each year after. They’re a much better option if you plan on owning the domain for a while as you would be saving almost $5/year on renewals when compared to GoDaddy, and that’s per domain! DynaDot does offer free whois privacy for .COM domains, so that’s another great perk as well.

NameSilo – NameSilo is growing in popularity. Similar to DynaDot, this company doesn’t spend loads of money on commercials and other forms of advertising. That keeps their cost down, which lets them sell .COM domain registrations for $8.99 the first year and $8.99 each year you decide to renew. Once again, if you plan on owning your domain for a while then NameSilo would be even better than DynaDot. You would still get free whois privacy, but would also be paying an addition $2 less on renewals each year for every domain you on. Big savings compared to both registrars listed above! – They’re not based in America, but still offers good pricing on new .COM domains! New .COM domains cost $8.99 for the first year and $9.38 for each renewal year. Cheaper than both DynaDot and GoDaddy, but still not at the price point of NameSilo. They also offer free whois privacy and something I previously forgot to mention – free URL forwarding (along with each of the others above). – is almost as popular as GoDaddy, but their pricing is a little better. New .COM registrations are $8.99 for the first year and $12.99 for each renewal year. Slightly cheaper than GoDaddy on both fronts, but still significantly more on renewals than each of the other three above. Also, whois privacy does not come free with this domain registrar.