Five great websites running on .tips extension

The success of a domain extension relies on the end users, how many quality websites are developed and running on a given extension. It is not a secret that .tips is one of my favorite new gTLD, because it is short, meaningful and has search volume. There is no another extension that fulfills all of these requirements. Additionally, the premium pricing of the best .tips domain are acceptable, not 4 figures as some of other exact match domains that can be registered in other extensions. Not surprisingly, the highest search volume exact match domains were registered in early phase – I was unable to register some of which I was looking for, e.g. or but secured some others, like itself.

There are already many .tips domains are used in good faith and starts being successful, here is a list with five worth noting .tips.



    thehub: a high quality website for startups, both in terms of design and content


    docslide a well-designed document sharing site


    homeenergy quality content in an important topics


    bestbet Already popular .tips site for sport betting fans (sorry, not linked, because there is a popunder on this site)

  5. A custom url Tumblr blog on vintage A custom url Tumblr blog on vintage with 100,000 followers

And there are many more developed, just launched examples under this TLD. These examples were chosen to show the wide range of possible usage from a simple Tumblr blog to a huge business like sports betting. As soon as average internet users will be familiar with new extensions, .tips has everything to shine.