Flippa’s domain appraisal does not worth free credits anymore

Last week Flippa announced the end of the free unlimited relistings on their platform. There was a channel to list domains for free on Flippa forever, namely valuating 15 domains on their “crowd appraisal” experiment, getting free credits for it and listing the domains using these credits and than relisting domains again and again if unsold. Just 2 days after the end of free relistings, Flippa also announced that they will not give free credits for domain appraisal. Since there is a high pressure on Flippa to increase the views of the auctions, this is a great move again to reduce the number of listed domains. According to their blog post, they awarded $100,000 free credits to 9,000 appraisers, so approximately 10,000 domains were listed for free using this method (and high percent of them were relisted several times). So it is clear that most of the domains currently in auction was listed for free and we can expect dramatical decrease in the number of domain auctions.

Over-appraised domains on Flippa

Over-appraised domains on Flippa

Flippa’s domain appraisal is an idealistic approach for domain valuation. While it is really not easy to computationally predict domain prices, it is even worse to crowd value domains without appropriate knowledge. Especially when valuation is public and you get money for valuation. It is easy to say that a domain registered a month before worth 4 figures but when the same domain goes to auction, there is no $1 bid on it. Thus, Flippa’s crowd sourced domain appraisal is a clear fail, an absolutely useless random number generator for many zero worth domains. If I were Flippa, I would not only stop giving free credits for valuation but I would retire the whole project, since it decreases the credibility of Flippa Domains in general.


  1. Kevin Fink November 11, 2015
    • Zsolt Bikadi Zsolt Bikadi November 12, 2015