GoDaddy Affiliate Commission Rates

While most people think of GoDaddy as just another domain name registrar, they’re actually so much more than that. GoDaddy doesn’t just offer your traditional domain name registration services, the company also sells both Linux and Windows web hosting, runs both expired and premium domain name auctions/closeouts, sells SSL certificates, offers marketing & SEO services, plus a lot more. In fact, domain name registration is only one small piece of everything this Fortune 500 company has to offer (even though it’s one of their biggest profit generators). Since they have so many different services available to businesses and individuals who focus on web-related needs, the GoDaddy affiliate program is a great choice for anyone who owns a website or blog that might be receiving this type of traffic. It doesn’t hurt that the company is also well-reputable with a known brand name, either. So, what do the commission rates look like for GoDaddy affiliates? Continue reading below and learn more!

GoDaddy Affiliate Signup

The affiliate program for GoDaddy is handled through the (Commission Junction) network. CJ is a great affiliate network and has advertisers from several other very large companies as well. Once you’ve signed up on the CJ website, you’ll need to search for GoDaddy and submit a request to become one of their affiliates. Once approved, you’ll be able to access banners and unique links which you can then place around your website to start earning revenue. A key advantage of the CJ program is that CJ offers deep linking to any page on the GoDaddy website. For instance, you can link to the GoDaddy bulk registration form where people can search for multiple domains, hopefully earning you multiple commissions for new registrations. I have personally used Commission Junction in the past (including GoDaddy’s affiliate program) and have always found them to issue timely payouts and provide excellent support.

GoDaddy Commission Rates

You probably aren’t going to get rich with the GoDaddy affiliate program, but they do pay a flat 10% commission rate for all of their services. That’s not bad for things like domain registrations and SEO services, but for web hosting referrals it’s pretty low. Also keep in mind that it is also a one-time payment. So, even though the customer is paying monthly for many services like SEO and Marketing – you are paid once.

Miscellaneous Fees GoDaddy Charges

As mentioned above, GoDaddy offers a wide range of services that can be great for promoting. But, what type of fees do they charge for these services? Below I’ve compiled a small list of the costs for different GoDaddy services. These are not related to the affiliate program at all, they are simple current prices for different services offered by the company.

Shared Linux Web Hosting
Economy is as low as $5.99/Month
Deluxe is as low as $7.99/Month
Ultimate is as low as $12.99/Month
Maximum is as low as $19.99/Month

Website Design
They offer WordPress web design. Must request a call Here for a free consultation.

Domain Name Registration
.COM starting at $11.99/Year
.NET starting at $14.99/Year
.CLUB starting at $0.99/Year