How To Get More Tumblr Followers And Traffic

Similar to WordPress and Blogspot, Tumblr is another blogging platform that is rather easy to use and is also able to send your website some extra traffic. But unlike the other two sites I just listed, Tumblr is a bit more like a social network where people can follow you and be updated every single time you add a piece of new content. With that in mind, I actually consider Tumblr to be more of a microblogging platform, similar to Twitter. The site allows you to post multimedia content (videos, images..etc) to a short-form blog. Why would anyone want to use Tumblr? Well, the fact that the website receives 50 million visitors per month and has an Alexa ranking of 118 in the world are two good reasons. But, how can someone actually get more traffic to make more money from such a website? The key to getting extra traffic (and revenue) from Tumblr lies in getting more followers. The more followers you get, the more people there will be to see your content. More people seeing your content will lead more people to visiting its source, or your website.

Getting new followers sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not. There are a few important facts to consider when planning your new Tumblr strategy:
1. The posting limit on Tumblr blogs. You can post or reblog no more than 250 posts a day. And only 75 of them can be photos. You can post the remaining as textual format contents.
2. You can only friend between 250-300 people on Tumblr in a day, you can’t exceed this limit. So make sure NOT to go aggressive in following others in order to get more followers on Tumblr.

Now that you know what kind of boundaries to stay within, let’s go over some quick and simple ways you can get more organic Tumblr followers!

How To Get More Tumblr Followers

1. Follow As Many People As You Can – This is the quickest and easiest way to get more followers. Here’s the best strategy to gain more followers on Tumblr:
1. Follow the top people in your industry (on Tumblr)
2. Follow back whoever follows you
3. Follow whoever comments on your Tumblr posts
4. Follow whoever reblogs your stuff
5. Follow interesting people (though they don’t have much followers)
6. Follow “follow back” people (there are a lot of people who follows you if you follow them)

Always remember one thing that no one follows you unless you are popular or pretty. So it’s your responsibility to get more online visibility on Tumblr by following as many people as you can to grow your Tumblr follower count.

2. Like And Reblog Quality Content – Many experts will suggest you like or reblog others’ posts, which I definitely agree with. I personally recommend reblogging posts from smaller Tumblr blogs with fewer followers. Why you ask? If the blog owner is not already very popular on Tumblr then they will definitely notice that you specifically enjoyed their content. Often, this will result in them following your blog out of courtesy.

3. Comment On Other Tumblr Posts – Create your own list of people to follow, comment and reblog posts. Commenting is a surefire way of getting noticed in any crowded niche. Make sure to leave comments regularly if you want to get the most out of increasing your followers. Don’t leave random/useless comments, though. These will get skipped over and lost in the bunches of other comments. Instead, spend some quality time commenting on other Tumblr blogs with a thoughtful comment and your URL’s.