How To Host Your Domain Names for Free

One of the many reasons domain investors choose to park their domains instead of developing them is because of hosting. Hosting can be expensive and some providers only allow you to host one domain on the account unless you buy their largest and most expensive shared plan. Believe it or not, several domainers completely forget about the idea of actually developing their domains. That’s a bit surprising because they can even do it at no cost thanks to the huge selection of free hosting providers there is all over the internet. Many domainers don’t really think about the fact that they could be hosting mini-sites with Adsense on a few pages of unique content and likely be making more revenue from their domains then they’re making from domain parking companies pay these days. Believe it or not, getting free web hosting to host your domain names isn’t that hard. It might not be the most reliable hosting in the world, but I always recommend taking (and storing) regular backups of my websites no matter what kind of hosting company I use anyways. Simply follow the steps below and you’ll be on your way to hosting as many domains as you want – for free!

How to Find and Order Free Web Hosting

When it comes to finding a good free hosting provider I recommend you plan on doing some research before signing up. In fact, I’d recommend doing a little due diligence on any hosting company before signing up with them – paid or not. This can be done pretty quickly and easily by using Google to search for reviews, forum posts and anything else. If we wanted to see what people were saying about Red Widget Host’s company then simply lookup “Red Widget Host Reviews” or similar. However, before you can begin researching a company you need to know which ones to lookup. When it comes to finding free hosting providers you should start at the WHTop free hosting directory. They have a list of over 200 different hosting companies that charge absolutely nothing for hosting. A few I’ve personally used in the past are 000WebHost, x10Hosting and AwardSpace.

What to Look For in Free Web Hosts

Unlike paid hosting, there are several specific things you should look for when choosing a free web host. First, I recommend finding a free host that uses cPanel. It’s the most commonly used control panel among paid hosting providers and if your free host offers it moving websites to a paid host further down the road will be fast and simple. Many free web hosting providers (like 000WebHost) use their own in-house control panel which could make it difficult to transfer later on if you don’t know what you’re doing. Choose one that uses cPanel if you ever think you might move the website later on. Secondly, look for a provider that advertises NO ads. Many free web hosting providers will place banner ads in a frame above or below your content. There’s no need to make the web hosting company money from your traffic when plenty of free hosting companies don’t use ads. Choose one that doesn’t use ads and visitors will have no idea your site is being hosted for free!