How To Promote Your Blog in 2020

It doesn’t matter whether your blog is brand new or already well established, you can never have enough traffic. In fact, even some of the biggest websites which you’ve probably used before (such as ImageShack or Ahrefs) still experiment with new ways to promote their services and bring in more traffic. Why is traffic from a variety of sources so important these days? Simply because it’s 2020 and the technology arena is bigger than it’s ever been before. Simply sending out an email blast or building a few backlinks won’t cut it anymore. Don’t worry, though! If you’ve been stuck at coming up with new ideas on how to promote your blog, here are several tried-and-tested tactics that are still working well in 2020.

Republishing on Medium – It’s always a good idea to publish lots of amazing content on your blog. However, if you never extend the reach, whether its growing your list of email and push subscribers or boosting the number of your social media followers, your audience will always be limited. So, what can you do if you simply don’t have the time to create promotional content or extend your reach? Try republishing some of your existing blog posts onto blogging platforms like Medium, Tumblr and Reddit. Your content will be seen by a whole new audience – some of which will then visit your blog and discover all of the other great content you have to offer!

Smart Social Sharing – You might be thinking “promoting your blog via social media isn’t a new strategy.” While that may be true, there’s more to social media promotion than pasting a link and clicking the Tweet button. Good social media posts require brainstorming ideas and organizing them. Come up with several different ideas around your niche (be as creative as you want) and jot them down. Then, track your posts and determine which ones are doing well and which ones aren’t. After an appropriate amount of time has gone by, hold a review. Drop the categories that didn’t perform well, keep the ones that did, and refine them. Once you’ve determined the type of content your audience loves, keep giving it to them!

Integrate Your Blog with Your Product – Most businesses have blogs that are completely separate from their main product. If you blog for a brand or business, why not align your messaging and integrate your blog posts directly into your user interface (for software products) or in your product descriptions and previews (for eCommerce)? This lets you direct traffic over to your blog posts while also giving your customers a more seamless experience. If you currently run an eCommerce website and your blog posts are educational, you could also promote them directly on your homepage.

Collaborate with Other Blogs – Creating content in collaboration with another blog means you’re able to tap into each other’s audiences and promote yourselves to a whole new set of blog readers. Heck, you can even split up the work with each other! Just remember, collaborating with a blog significantly larger than yours probably won’t happen. That’s exactly why you should do some research on the potential blog before reaching out them. It’s important that you try and find other blogs that are similar in both size and traffic when compared to yours. Finding potential opportunities is pretty simple. Use a search engine like Google to find other relevant blogs and then use websites like Ahrefs and Majestic to determine if their sites are similar to yours in content, traffic, and SEO ranks. Then, reach out to the owner and make your pitch. If you two are able to come up with a good mutual agreement then you can each begin to create and publish content for one another based on the agreement you made.