List of Affiliate & Domain Conferences in 2020

The number of domain investors and affiliate marketers there are around the world continues to increase year after year and with that, so does the number of conferences where these individuals can all meet up and discuss business. The beginning of the year is usually a good time to decide which conferences you will be attending. Obviously, those who focus specifically on the domain industry will probably want to attend only domain-related conferences, but this full list will give both domainers and affiliates some options to choose from. If you live in a country which hosts conferences for both industries (such as Germany) then it may be worth attending both. In my personal online journey I’ve done work in both markets and you would be surprised how much both have in common.

Events are taking place all around the world these days. As a rule, conferences are now organized in European and North American countries and in India, but this year events in places like South Africa and Ukraine will also entertain affiliates and domain name investors. If you’ve never experienced everything a conference (AKA “Summit”) has to offer then you’re missing out. Browse through the list below and pick one that you can attend this year!

Affiliate Conferences

February 28 – March 2: TES Affiliate conference Portugal – Lisbon, Portugal –

March 12: CPA Conf – Kiev, Ukraine –

March 19 – March 20: Ad:tech New Delhi – New Delhi, India –

March 27 – March 29: Affiliate Expo – Rome, Italy –

April 21 – April 22: Moscow Affiliate Conference – Moscow, Russian Federation –

May 12 – May 13: AffiliateCon – Sofia, Bulgaria –

May 28 – May 30: Afiliados Brasil – São Paulo, Brazil –

June 3 – June 4: Affiliate Summit: Europe – Amsterdam, Netherlands –

June 17 – June 18: Gaming & Affiliate Marketing Expo – Athens, Greece –

July 8 – July 9: Affiliate World Europe – Barcelona, Spain –

July 27 – July 29: Affiliate Summit East – New York, United States –

September 1 – September 2: CPA Life 2020 – Moscow, Russian Federation –

September 17 – September 18: India Affiliate Summit – Gurugram, India –

October 28 – October 29: iGB Affiliate Africa – Sandton, South Africa –

November 5 – November 6: Affiliate Conference & Expo – Manila, Philippines –

November 9: Affiliate Conference – Munich, Germany –

December TBA: Affiliate World Asia – Bangkok, Thailand –

Domain Conferences

February 20 – February 21: Domain Pulse – Innsbruck, Austria –

March 7 – March 12: ICANN67 Community Forum – Cancun, Mexico –

March 14 – March 19: CloudFest – Europa-Park, Rust, Germany –

May 3 – May 6: GDD Industry Summit – Paris, France –

August 6 – August 8: NamesCon Europe – Budapest, Hungary –

September 7 – September 8: Nordic Domain Days – Stockholm, Sweden –

Domain, affiliate or almost any other type of conference can be a great event to attend. You can meet new people, form new business relationships, and enjoy some time away from home. They aren’t always cheap, but you can usually find multiple contests around the web to possibly obtain free tickets (usually on forums). If you’ve never attended a conference before then one is certainly worth checking out to see what you think – especially if it’s being held nearby and you won’t need a hotel room. Take the time to visit just one of the 2020 affiliate or domain name conferences above and I bet you will leave having learned something new!