Namejet has some exciting news to share: increased fees

We have some exciting news to share!” This is the starting sentence of the email I just found in my mailbox sent by The Namejet Team. And what are these exciting news? More payment methods and increased fees.

The NameJet Team announced today that “to continue improving the NameJet experience, beginning December 14th NameJet will charge a 2.5% Online Administration Fee for all payments made to NameJet via any online method“. The only payment method not affected is wire transfer, which is not really convenient way to pay.

To be fair, these are not the only “exciting news”. There are new payment methods, including Paypal and Alipay. I can imagine that the inclusion of online payment methods results in increased prices, since it is easier to spend “virtual money”.

After the recent basic fee increase from $69 to $79, it seems that the potential profit of domainers is going to decrease again. The administration fee will be $25 for a $1000 domain, which is not negligible.

So you decide to be excited about these news or to be as disappointed as I am.