Social Media Groups to Sell Your Domains

People wanting to sell their websites or domain names are always on the lookout for new places they can list them and hopefully make a sale. In fact, I previously wrote a blog post (here) highlighting a number of different places you could visit and join in order to list your digital assets for sale. One spot I mentioned in there but didn’t go into much detail on was social media. It’s pretty obvious that social media sites have grown tremendously in popularity these past few years, and there are several different ways domainers and website developers can utilize these networks to their advantage. Whether it be for selling their domains, getting traffic to them, or even hiring people to do other services on them such as SEO. There was another blog post I previously put together (here) where I talked about using social media to drive more traffic and potential customers into your website. In this post we’re going to use the same method, but tweak it up a bit to increase your odds of successfully selling that website or domain name which you no longer need.

When I previously wrote about getting traffic using social media the keys where to do a few different things: post into Facebook groups, tweet often on Twitter and share lots of images on Pinterest. When it comes to selling things we don’t need to worry about the second two as much. Instead, we want to focus on sharing whatever it is we’re selling into groups with other investors who might be interested in buying. The first step in doing this will be to make sure you have both a Facebook and LinkedIn account. Next, you’re going to visit each of the links below and request to join the groups on each network. Once accepted, I suggest visiting each of them and looking at how other sellers are listing things. Some sellers prefer to simple list their domains/websites and include a Message button for you to contact them. Others will share the link going to their Flippa auction. It’s completely up to you, but see how others are doing it and decide how you are going to post your listings. Finally, go through and post into all groups every day or every other day and you’ll be well on your way to getting more sales.

Facebook Domain Selling Groups

Domain Names [Buy & Sell] (10,000 Members)
Domain Names (10,000 Members)
Domain Names (9,600 Members)
Sell Your Domain Names Here (6,700 Members) (18,000 Members)
Domain Name ForSale (6,300 Members)
Domain Name Marketplace (5,700 Members)
SEO and Domain Name Marketplace (900 Members)

LinkedIn Domain Selling Groups

Domain name (1,390 Members)
Domain Brokers (2,258 Members)
Domainers (3,525 Members)
The Domainers Network (5,749 Members)
Internet (Online) Marketing (26,640 Members)
Freelance Projects (7,075 Members)
Website Design and Networking (11,467 Members)

Tips for selling: When selling your domains through social media websites it’s extremely important that you remember these sites don’t offer Escrow services. For the safest possible transaction I would recommend you reach an agreement with the buyer using your social media account. Then, move over to or another Escrow provider in order to complete the sale. This will prevent any scams or charge backs because remember, you never really know who it is you’re dealing with inside these groups. If the sale is rather low (for example: you’re selling a domain for just $10 or $15), then doing it directly through social media messaging might actually be the best solution. It won’t cost you a dime to list and sell your domain!