The Best Popunder Networks for Publishers

While they might be somewhat annoying, popunders are one of the best-performing ad formats for generating high CPM when compared to the traditional banner ads which can sometimes be blocked due to advanced AdBlocking software. Since these pop ad formats tend to have high viewability, advertisers pay more money to promote their products and services in popunder ad networks so they can increase user engagement. Similarly, publishers can enjoy high CPM rates by publishing these popunder ads on their blog or website. This article will explain more about popunder advertising and list some of the most popular popunder ad networks for you to join.

About Popunder Advertising

Popunder advertising networks pay publishers on a CPM basis which means they do not earn revenue based on clicks or actions. This means it doesn’t really matter whether a visitor interacts with the ad or not. The blogger will be paid when the visitor triggers the popunder ad and it’s as simple as that. Since pop ads occupy almost the entire screen, visitors will definitely view the ad. Hence they are high paying when compared to the CPM-based banner ads, sticky ads or floating ads.

Advantages Of Using Popunder Ads

Popunders are one of the highest paying ad formats when comparing networks on a CPM basis. Since you are paid for impressions and not clicks, they will generate revenue even if the user doesn’t interact with them. Along with that, since popunder ads do not require any ad spaces to be displayed, the publisher can also dispay their normal CPC or CPA ads at the same time to increase revenue by as much as 300%.

Disadvantages Of Using Popunder Ads

The biggest disadvantage to popunder ads is the simple fact that they’re one of the most annoying ad formats in the online advertising industry. Popunder ads will directly affect the users experience on the website which might lead to a decrease in time on the site, increase in the bounce rate or decreases in the number of page views. Some of the popunder ads might also be of low quality which can affect the websites brand. It’s important to also remember that visitors might not revisit a site with popunder ads unless they have high quality content or content that can’t be found anywhere else.

Popunder Ad Networks

1. PopAds – PopAds allows publisher to take full control over the ads displayed on their site(s). Publishers can disable and enable different ad features directly in the site settings. New websites will require approval before popunders display.

2. PopCash – PopCash is another excellent network that gives the publisher lots of control. Choose from several different options and categories to get the most relevant ads showing. They also have an Adult category available. New websites will require approval before popunders display.

3. PropellerAds – Propeller Ads is one of the best CPM ad networks with various ad formats including pop-under ads, push ads and more. They have tons of global advertisers available making them a great option no matter what type of traffic you have. They also accept websites of all sizes which means you don’t need a minimum amount of traffic to become a publisher. New websites will require approval before popunders display.

4. PlugRush – PlugRush doesn’t offer as many customization options as some of the others listed, but they still have a large inventory of advertisers available – Especially if your website is in the adult niche. PlugRush have several niche-specific categories for the adult niche, so it’s the ideal place for adult webmasters. New websites will require approval before popunders display.

5. AdMaven – AdMaven popunders are highly customizable. The AdMaven publishers have full control over how their ads are displayed on their blog or website. For example, you can set the popunders to appear in any one of these format new tab, pop-under, and new tab replace. New websites will require approval before popunders display.