.tips is one of the new TLDs launched last year, operated by Donuts Inc. A large fraction of online searching is looking for tips – tips for dating, for building a business, tips for betting, for organizing a wedding, or tips related to a city. .tips domain extension covers that large search volume, where the domain name really tells you what the site is about. No wonder we choose domain.tips for our website. .tips extension is the 13rd in popularity among new TLDs at Godaddy. It is controversial whether domain extension plays a role in Google search position, our experience shows that it does. Also, premium domain names also have direct traffic even without a content. Below I show you a traffic statistic of a premium .tips domain.

Type-in traffic of a premium .tips domain

Type-in traffic of a premium .tips domain

As of today, more than 34 000 tips domains are registered. The table below shows the popularity of tips. Even in the first year of its registration, a number of sales were in the 4 figure range. Gambling and sports betting is an especially compatible topic with tips, those domains are sold for the highest price.

Domain nameSale price in USDDateMarketplace

Amongst the registered .tips, 47 domains already can be found in the Alexa top 1 million list, including domain.tips. A document sharing web application, dokumen.tips is the leader of this list, which is originally called DocSlide. Apparently the same code is running on docslide.net, which has worse Alexa rank than dokume.tips, suggesting that .tips extension has a SEO value here.

In summary, .tips is one of our favorite new gTLD, it is short, meaningful and brandable for a low price.