.today is one of the earliest released nTLD by Donuts Inc Registrar. As of today there are 48 000 registered .today domain names, with the rank of 29 among nTLDs.  It had a second round of registration this summer of name collision domain names that were previously blocked by ICANN. Usually, domain names on collision list are the ones with the highest search volume; e.g. news.today, horoscope.today, headlines.today etc. could be secured.

Using this extension indicates that information on any domain is up-to-date, which is very attractive for end users. Indeed, its registration rank is 6th at Godaddy (number of registrations among new gTLDs). Also, its drop rate after the first year is below 10%. Not surprisingly, it has a high number of operating websites with Alexa rank below 1.0M.

Friv.today, possessing Alexa rank 3800 deals with online games is getting 5 million monthly visitors, with large portion from search traffic. This fact also points to the SEO power of the .today extension itself, as “friv today” has 250k monthly search volume.

However, .today extension is not the best for all names: archive.is, a popular web archiving site was moved to archive.today – however, after some time was moved back to the original archive.is URL.

Large companies are known to secure their brand’s domain names: IKEA blogs its latest products on ikea.today.

There have not been many sales taken place so far as the table indicates below. Among them, the most notable is pizza.today sold for 4000 USD.

Domain nameSale price in USDDateMarketplace

To summarize, .today domain extension is brandable, has a large search volume, however, is a bit long. It is perfect for end users in many, although not all areas.