Why do domainers overprice their domains?

Just a question. When browsing Godaddy fixed prices listings, making offers on make offer domains or browse SEDO’s listings, domains are way overpriced (often 10-100 times) as compared to their auction prices. What do the sellers waiting for? Especially when they don’t earn a dime while holding it (or maybe risk some UDRP invitation one day).

Why did I get a counter offer of 1.5 million for sportgames.com? It is a great domain this is why I made an offer. I can see it getting 50k on Flippa. Personalassistant.com for 130,000? I think it could be sold for low 5 digits in an auction. Maybe I could list hundreds of similar examples. Will they ever be sold any close? Actually, this indeed blocks them selling. Would it not be much nicer to price domains realistically and make domaining business more liquid?

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  1. Cody July 25, 2015