Factors That Impact Domain Parking Click Through Rates

In the world of domain parking, CTR stands for click-through rate. It’s a metric that measures the number of clicks advertisers receive on their ads per number of impressions. Achieving a high click-through rate is essential for domain parking success because it directly affects both your Quality Score and how much you earn every time someone clicks an ad on one of your parked domain names. Are your click-through rates holding you back, or are they high enough already? Continue reading to learn some of the biggest factors that can impact click through rates on domains you currently have parked with Sedo, DomainSponsor, ParkingCrew, or another provider.

Keywords – It’s always a good idea to take some time and look at the keywords your parking company is attaching to your domains. Are they really relevant? Are they in the correct language? If a visitor reaches your domain and can’t find what they’ve been searching for, they’re certainly not going to click on any of your ads.

Landing Page – Although it might not always make rational sense, your landing page can greatly impact click through rates. Sadly, what will work and what will not isn’t always that obvious. In direct mail campaigns, there has always been lots of debate over long letter versus short letters and glossy versus ugly. Most people assume that the expensive looking slick glossy pieces always get the best results but often times it’s actually the cheap, looks like they printed it themselves postcard that converts best. That’s why you should always test a variety of landing pages including those that don’t necessarily appeal to you. Trust me, you might just discover one of them works better than others you’ve previously tried.

Bad Traffic – Poor quality traffic is often a huge culprit when you have low click through rates. Bot traffic doesn’t convert and to make things worse, could even get your domain blacklisted.

Photos – Does a parked domain with photos convert better than one without? Maybe and maybe not. Some people will swear by photos on their parking pages while others get great results without them. Just like the glossy versus ugly postcard debate, try testing both with and without photos. Don’t just stop there and try testing with different photos as well. Try relevant photos, try no photos at all. The best results for one particular domain won’t necessarily be the same with others. That means you’ll need to go through and perform these types of tests with each and every domain name you plan on parking.

Parking Company – While the difference between parking companies and click through rates mostly ended with Google feed versus Yahoo feed, the parking company you choose can still impact your click through rates in other ways. Each parking company utilizes different algorithms, optimization options and
even monetization options. Some parking companies handle non-English speaking countries very well while others may not. Some parking companies can handle mobile traffic better than others as well.

For Sale – Do you think having a for sale link on your parking page might impact conversions? It might. For some visitors, they may worry that the for sale link means the website isn’t very strong and won’t be around for very long. For others, it might make the site seem less trustworthy. Still, it’s always possible that having a for sale link on the page might not have any impact at all. Once again, you’ll never know unless you do some good testing to find out.