How To Choose A Domain Name For Your Podcast

Podcasting has become very popular over the past several years. Tens of thousands of people start podcasts each month covering a wide range of subjects from politics to food to smaller niche-specific topics. In a previous article, I discussed how to create your own podcast. Today, let’s look at why your choice of a podcast domain name is important. Every podcast needs a website to go with it. This site controls distribution of the podcast to Apple Podcasts and other platforms, serves as an archive of episodes, and allows listeners to connect with the podcaster.

A Separate Website?

Podcasters can choose between adding a podcast section to their existing website or creating a new site dedicated to the podcast. Using an existing website makes sense if the podcast is an extension of the brand and the site is fairly simple and easy to navigate around. Otherwise, podcasters should create their own podcast-specific site using it’s own unique domain name. A separate website and domain name helps showcase the podcast so it stands out more. The most important thing about a podcasters site is that it has a memorable, easy-to-spell domain. When you tell listeners to visit the website, it needs to pass the “radio test.” That means you should be able to say it out loud and have listeners easily remember the address (for example, no numbers because listeners won’t know if you mean “1” or “one”). After all, a podcast is basically a form of recorded radio! If you want to make your podcast part of your main website and your domain name isn’t very simple, register an additional name and forward it to the podcast section of your website.

Great Domains For Podcasts

Just like any other business, many podcasters choose .COM domains for their podcast site. They just add a suffix like “-podcast” or “-show” to their podcast name. But because podcasts are an edgy and new form of media, podcasters sometimes choose fun and unique domain names or extensions. Here are some popular choices:

.FM – FM is the country code extension for the Federated States of Micronesia, an island nation in the Pacific. About 20 years ago a company commercialized the extension by marketing it to radio stations. That idea didn’t completely take off, but podcasts have adopted it in droves.

.SHOW – Some podcasters refer to themselves as a show rather than a podcast, so .SHOW is a popular domain extension for anyone marketing their show in that way.

.LIVE – Podcasts aren’t live; they’re recorded. However, many podcasters also have live shows which they distribute as podcasts. .LIVE is a popular name for YouTubers and other streamers who have podcasts online.

There are hundreds of other topical extensions that podcasters should consider. A technology podcast could decide to use .tech, medical podcasts can select .health, and financial podcasts might like the .money extension. Podcasts are creative, and choosing a domain name can be a creative process. Choose something that identifies with your podcast and its style. Most importantly, choose something that your listeners will easily remember.