3 Great Ways To Use Expired Domains

Are you curious what expired domains are used for or how you can take full advantage of an expired domain that you just registered? Whether you’re looking out for the perfect domain to build a website, or you’re looking for a head start in your SEO game, you’ll definitely find some great value in expired domains. In fact, at this day in age, you just cannot ignore the power of expired domain names. If you need a new authority site to slingshot past your competitors or to build a power private blog network which you can earn passive revenue from selling guest posts on, expired domains play a crucial role. These types of domains can offer a lot and in this post, you’ll learn the different ways to harness that power effectively.

What Is An Expired Domain?

An expired domain is a domain name that has been previously used before it expired. In other words, it has previously pointed to a specific IP address, but doesn’t anymore. By entering an expired domain into your browsers address bar, the DNS won’t be able to make a connection to the IP address, so it will not lead to any website. If a domain name expires, it’s not totally out of the game because it can still be reused by registering it and then pointing it to a new IP address before creating a new website or using it for other purposes.

How To Buy Expired Domains

When you register a domain name, you kind of lease it for a limited number of years, ranging between 1 and 10. Most of the time, people will enable auto-renew in their domains to avoid having to worry about them expiring. Once a domain has been allowed to expire, it can be re-leased (or newly registered) by someone else. Expired domains can be purchased by anyone via auction websites, such as DynaDot or GoDaddy.

How To Use Expired Domains

There are several ways to use expired domains, and the following are possible ways you can put them to use!

1. Build A Website – If you are thinking of building an authority website or blog easily, you should consider purchasing and using an expired domain instead of registering a brand new one. Using an expired domain allows you to leverage on its existing SEO value in order to help in ranking your own website quickly and right away. While a new domain means you’ll have to gradually build up its authority with backlinks.

2. Build A Private Blog Network – A private blog network (PBN) is a special blog built specifically for SEO reasons, and even today it is still one of the most popular ways to improve the SEO of your money site. The method of building a PBN involves purchasing expired domains that already have decent domain authority, and creating content for the sites before linking them all to your main website. It is typically a network of sites that are under your complete control so you can use whatever anchor texts you want.

3. Flip It For Profit – Domain flipping is another popular reason people purchase expired domains. This can allow for people to earn their livelihood from the process of selling their expired domain names for profit. But, after purchasing an expired domain online via an auction, you’ll have to continue to increase its SEO value if you are wanting to sell it for a higher value. This can be done by building more backlinks to it or simply through the passage of time, as the age of a domain can also play a significant role in its value.

In conclusion, the most popular reasons for people to buy and use expired domains are to build their own relevant website, or build a PBN for different SEO campaigns. If you are looking to build a private blog network (PBN), you should also consider hosting your websites at different providers so they each have their own unique IP address. You can find several other blog posts on our website and across the web that can help you learn more about the development of PBNs and how to flip expired domains for profit.