The Benefits Of Push Notifications

Anyone spending time on the internet (via desktop or mobile) has probably received a push notification at least once. Ting! You’ve got one new notification!

Those who use applications such as Facebook or WhatsApp have probably become accustomed to these kinds of messages. That’s mainly because almost every phone app has some kind of messaging system like this. It’s been used by all different types of Fortune 500 companies for several years now and believe it or not, has had a major impact on their growth. Thankfully, over the years other small start-ups have figured out this technology and made it available for bloggers and other small business owners to use for their advantage as well! If you run a website and are not currently using push notifications then trust me, you’re missing out on a lot.

How do web push notifications work?

Push notifications allow you to send clickable messages to anyone who subscribes, via both browser and mobile. They work on an opt-in/opt-out basis which means users will click on something (usually a popup) to subscribe, and can then easily adjust their browser’s settings to unsubscribe. There are many different services out there which allow you to easily add push notifications to your website (such as OneSignal, Push Notifications for WordPress and PropellerAds). After the initial configuration, push notifications are sent automatically anytime you publish a new post. If you choose to use PropellerAds then push notifications are automatically sent by them and you receive revenue based on how many of your subscribers click an advertisement.

Why Should I Use Push Notifications?
If you’re someone who current uses email marketing (free or paid), then you can easily understand the direct and indirect benefits of using push notifications. Similar to how email marketing helps you convert first-time visitors into subscribers for repeat traffic, push notifications do the same thing.

1. They’re a great way to convert visitors into subscribers – Most webmasters make the mistake of not trying to convert their traffic into regular visitors or subscribers. When you give an option for first time visitors to subscribe (whether it be push notifications, RSS, or email) you now have the opportunity to let them know about any new content you publish. This helps you to constantly increase website traffic with repeat visits.

2. They drive in real-time traffic – The ability to reach out to your readers in real-time is powerful. Best of all, the higher your real-time reach is, the more powerful your brand will become in terms of the viral effect it can have. Imagine posting a time-sensitive blog post that you want people to see ASAP. Only push notifications allow you to get the word out quickly and efficiently. What type of content might that be? Live video broadcasts, time-sensitive discounts/offers/deals, or even some additional exposure to one of your latest social media updates.

As you can see, there are several great reasons for enabling push notifications on your website. I listed a few different websites above which you can visit to start offering push notifications on your website or blog right away. Best of all, each link has a free option available which means you can start collecting push notification subscribers and blasting them for no charge!