6 Ways To Promote Your Clickbank Affiliate Link

One mistake most new affiliate marketers make is to get their first affiliate link and start posting it everywhere they can think of online. The sites and social groups you frequent aren’t likely to be compromised of the kinds of people who want those products. They’re either not interested or too savvy to click through just for you. You’ll never succeed in affiliate marketing this way and you need some better means of promoting your affiliate product. In this blog article, we’ll discuss six different ways you can successfully promote your Clickbank affiliate link!

1. Make a Quality Authority Niche Site – This is the first and by far the most crucial step. Google has a long history of hurting affiliate marketers due to the different techniques they use to make money, many of which have been labeled blackhat over the years. At this day in age, to be considered a legitimate affiliate marketer and not a spammer, you need to have a high quality site packed with valuable content, and your affiliate links need to be clearly marked as affiliate links wherever they appear. A lot of this involves the next tip. More of it involves knowing your products, knowing the people who want to buy your products, and knowing how to attract them. The same, that is, as it is with any kind of marketing.

2. Write Quality Content – As an affiliate marketer most of your traffic will come through organic search traffic. To earn your ranking, or at least make ranking easier, you should be writing on your blog regularly. You can do this by purchasing ghostwritten content from someone online or by simply writing it yourself. Just make sure the quality of that content is at least above average. Don’t use duplicated or copied content and don’t try to use spun content either. At this day in age you just can’t use low quality content without earning a Google penalty. You don’t need to post daily; once per week is enough. Just enough to show that your site is alive and active. You can post more often if you’re trying to focus lots of energy on one website, or you can keep it low and spread out through multiple niches on multiple sites each week.

3. Google PPC – Google’s PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising through AdWords gives you access to their massive display network. Write ads that point to your site, not to your affiliate links directly. Google doesn’t like displaying affiliate ads directly unless they’re the affiliate. Write and test different ads for different keywords, study the results, optimize, iterate and build advertising schemes. Try to avoid dumping money into fruitless keywords, but don’t be afraid to explore. Other platforms like Facebook also have their own advertising network you can expand to as well.

4. Make Video Offers – Video is extremely underrated amongst affiliate marketers. It’s easy to produce a quick, basic video and post it on big sites like YouTube and DailyMotion. Get users to watch your videos, which compels them to investigate your products, which you should be selling through landing pages. Putting videos together with a nice landing page on your website can turn it into a conversion machine.

5. Promote in Industry Communities – Your product is part of an industry, and that industry has communities online. There are blogs, forums, subreddits, LinkedIn groups, Facebook pages, and Twitter accounts dedicated to that industry. Identify those communities and participate in their discussions. Post the affiliate link in your profile, in your signature (if they allow it), and occasionally in discussions when possible. In general, try to post links to helpful blog posts rather than your product pages; it comes across less as advertising and more as trying to help.

6. Write Promotional Ebooks – Just because you’re selling affiliate products doesn’t mean you can’t sell a product of your own as well. Writing eBooks and selling them or giving them away free of charge is easy, just expand on the content you’re writing for your blog or website and then compile it into a PDF. While writing the content of your eBook, create in-content links to your affiliate products.

With a well-crafted strategy to put your unique affiliate link in front of as many interested customers as possible, these methods can all be an important component of your revenue stream. Don’t be afraid to try new things and get creative with the way you promote your Clickbank affiliate link online. The most common methods have all been done and seen before. To succeed with Clickbank nowadays, you need to be unique and creative!