5 Blogging Lessons Learned from Print Media

The days of reading magazines and newspapers are behind most people now thanks to the internet. Although these mediums still exist, many are gradually becoming a way of the past. Still, there is a lot that can be learned from magazines and newspapers when it comes to successful marketing. By looking at the quality of print magazines and following suit, copywriters can take their content into this new millennium and stand out from the masses.

One great thing about the internet is that it creates an avenue for virtually anyone to express their views or opinions and share them with the world. However, as a direct result from that we are suffering from content overload. In fact, over 27 million pieces of content are shared daily. With everything from blog post to twitter feeds and YouTube videos, the easier it is to get your voice out there, the harder it can be to get heard. Online writers need to take their cues from previous content creators who were writing for old print magazines and newspapers. All it takes is a little patience and some helpful tips. Listed below are 5 lessons you can learn from older magazine and newspaper writers to make yourself a better blogger!

1. Do Proper Research – Research is the key behind created good content. Backing up your claims with substantial data from reputable sources will add both credence and authority to your site. Apps like Evernote are helpful tools that can aid you in the process. Evernote allows you to clip, save and store interesting pieces of information before organizing it based on subject area. The best copywriters are the ones who continuously gather, organize and evaluate their research in a systematic manner. Take some time to scrutinize your research and try to discover that one special angle that makes it uniquely yours!

2. Teach Something – Learning is a life-long process that readers strive to achieve. Think of your readers as sponges that are constantly looking to the internet for new content they can soak up and learn from. Try to teach and enlighten your audience. You can do this by finding unique ways to deliver messages that put a spin on old subjects and allow them to view it from a completely different angle or perspective. Spend some time writing content that is educational and you’ll find that word of mouth advertising will follow!

3. Serve Your Content With Personality – Objectivity with personality is the balance you’re hoping to achieve. Old school print journalism has mastered this art and if you’re a smart writer then you’ll take your lessons from this well-established medium. Your audience is looking to you for credible and factual information that is well-supported and validated. Opinions should never overshadow facts – not if you want your readers to take you seriously. At the same time, if you only seek to inform readers then you will miss the opportunity to connect with them on a deeper level. Adding some humor, interest and irony to your writing gives your content personality and allows you to have a unique voice which stands out from the crowd!

4. Grammar Is Important – The authority of your blog or website comes down to two different things: The quality of your content and the means by which it’s presented. Imagine yourself reading an article in the New York Times. Would you expect to find grammatical errors and spelling mistakes? Absolutely not. Editors and proofreaders comb through this material two or three times to make sure that any article being published are completely devoid of any errors that would undermined the newspapers credibility. With that in mind, always press the spell check button and study your grammar diligently!

5. Diversify – Variety is the spice of life. The world is a mosaic of different humans, experiences and points of view. Look to any print magazine or newspaper and you will see clear evidence of this. Diversity allows your content to appeal towards a wider audience while also giving some depth to your work. Broadening your horizons will allow readers to connect with your content in ways you never thought were even possible!