Biggest Benefits Of Cloud Hosting For WordPress

When launching a website or online business through WordPress, one single question always pops up: “What’s the best web hosting option?” To which the response these days is most frequently, “hosting on the cloud.”

Over the past several years we’ve seen cloud hosting gain popularity and there is a lot of hype around it these days. But, what is ‘the cloud’ and what does it have to do with web hosting?

Believe it or not, you’re probably already using various types of cloud services already, but never even realized it. ATM machines, Gmail, social networks, and even popular online banking companies rely on cloud services to function and remain online. Cloud hosting makes websites available using the same types of cloud resources. It’s become a popular choice for WordPress users who don’t want to worry about their site experiencing downtime, or costing too because of bandwidth use. In this blog post we’ll take a deeper look into how well WordPress and cloud hosting services work together.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is a popular and advanced technology that utilizes multiple servers. Unlike traditional hosting services, such as shared, VPS or dedicated hosting where all of your data is stored on a single machine, cloud hosting services make your data available across several servers. If you’re maxing out on storage or bandwidth on one server, your host will tap into another for additional resources. Having multiple servers at your disposal will help maximize uptime and balance the traffic load.

What To Consider When Choosing A Cloud Host

If you’re interested in choosing a cloud provider for WordPress, how do you choose between all of the different options? There are several features which you should consider, including reliable support, optimization, free backups, security, and whether or not it’s a managed service.

Customer Support – There may be a time when you need to reach out to your host to solve a problem. You’ll be grateful if you decided to check beforehand to ensure that your provider has strong customer service available around the clock. Check the reputation of customer service for your potential hosting provider before you select one.

Easy Install – WordPress can be tricky for beginners to install and set up. Fortunately, quick five-minute install solutions are available. If you’re unfamiliar with WordPress installation and setup then this is another feature you should check about before your signup.

Cost – Cloud hosting is much more affordable these days than it once was. Still, to get the best deal, factor in any free features you would otherwise be paying for when predicting the total cost of your hosting services. Prices and features can vary from one provider to the next, so consider which features are included in the cost at each specific provider.

Why WordPress And Cloud Hosting Are A Great Match

WordPress is one of the easiest ways to build a website and it deserves a web hosting provider that’s just as good. Whether you’re creating your very first website or looking to change your current hosting service, cloud hosting deserves your attention. Reliable cloud hosting services offer high performance with over 99% uptime, backups, and flexible pricing. Deliver your WordPress pages at super-fast speeds by hosting it with your favorite cloud hosting provider!