Domain Names For App Creators

You’re an app creator who just made the next TikTok, Fruit Ninja, or Angry Birds. Your brand new application is ready to go viral and get millions of downloads. Now, you just need to get it into users’ hands. OK, even if that’s a bit ambitious for your goals right now, you still want your app to be successful and that begins with choosing the right domain name.

Domains Matter

People find apps in many different ways: they hear about them from friends, discover them in app store search results, or read articles about them. Regardless of how they hear about the app, it’s essential that they know how to spell the app’s name. This is critical whether they are searching in the app store, a search engine, or navigating directly to the app’s website. Their search will fail if they can’t spell the app name properly. For this reason, it’s important to choose an app name that’s easy to spell. Don’t get cute by dropping vowels or creating a name that isn’t pronounceable.

People will ultimately download your app on an app store. But you don’t control the app store and its search results, so you also need to have your own web presence for the application. Your website can include links to download the app in various stores (Google Play, Apple, Windows..etc). It’s crucial to select a domain that matches your applications name. This will help you capture more traffic from people looking for your app. You’ll also use the domain name for your email address, and you want to make sure users can contact you at an easy-to-spell email address.

Suggestions For App Domain Names

The default extension for any website is .COM, and app makers should explore if they can obtain the .COM which matches their app name. The exact match is likely to be taken, especially if your app has a one-word name. See if you can buy the domain from the existing owner. If not, here are a few options:
1. Add A Prefix – Lots of apps use the prefix get in front of their app name, forming get(appname).com. One great example would be
2. Add A Suffix – Some apps append a suffix to their app name, often app. This forms (appname) or (appname) A couple of examples include (owned by NetGEAR) and
3. Use The .APP Extension – Another option is the .APP extension which was designed specifically for app makers. Google owns the .APP top level domain and you can register .APP domains at most registrars. People who see a domain ending in .APP will know the site is about an app.

Great App + Great Domain

It takes more than just a great domain name to make your new application successful. But, having a good domain puts you on the right footing to compete with the most successful app makers out there. Investing a small amount of money into a dedicated domain name will make your app easier to find while also looking much more professional.

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