Biggest Domain Sales in March 2019

The new year is getting into full swing now and we saw the first quarter of 2019 end with a number of great domain sales! Thanks to the popular yearly NamesCon domain conference (held in Las Vegas) last month, six domains in the COM extension (like and sold well into the six figure range. At least forty different domains sold in the five figures, and we even saw some ccTLD domains like and also fetch sales numbers in the five figure range. Domain name sales last month came from a variety of different places just as any domainer would expect. However, winners for the most and highest sales go out to Sedo and the NamesCon auction. Continue reading to see a quick overview of the top domain sales that took place in March, 2019. All prices are listed in US Dollars!

NamesCon Domain Sales

When your domain conference is known worldwide and you pull in the kind of quality domains that NamesCon does each year, there is no question it’s going to own some of the top sales for the month. There were some great names that sold at auction this year and below are what the auctions ended at. – $900,000 – $435,000 – $370,000 – $130,000 – $110,000 – $70,000 – $29,900 – $21,000 – $20,000 – $20,000 – $14,400

Sedo Domain Sales

We consistently find Sedo owning several of the top sales spots. Although they weren’t able to beat out NamesCon in March, Sedo still had some pretty good sales. Below are just a few of their best for the month. – $70,000 – $55,000 – $43,530 – $43,000

Other .COM Domain Sales

Listed below are some of the top domain sales for the .COM extension that didn’t come from NamesCon or Sedo in March. We didn’t see as many big sales from places like Afternic, GoDaddy or NameExperts, but we did see a pretty good one from Uniregistry! – $250,000 – Uniregistry – $50,000 – NameExperts $35,000 – – $30,000 – PotDomains

Non .COM gTLD Domain Sales

Those who put money into some of the new gTLDs might like seeing a .CLOUD and .TRAVEL name taking home the highest sales for Non-COM gTLD sales in March. What’s even better is that neither of those sales were done through the registry! – $28,000 – Nidoma – $10,830 – Sedo – $10,500 – .GLOBAL Registry – $9,999 – NameJet

Country Code Domain Sales – $39,900 – Sedo – $17,100 – Sedo – $14,408 – Sedo – $10,000 – TP Media Group – $9,662 – Sedo – $9,050 – Sedo – $7,910 – Sedo

If the domain sales above are any indication on how the rest of this year is going to go (even if you exclude the NamesCon figures) then I’d say 2019 is in shape to be another great one for domain investors! It’s a great sign anytime I’m seeing multiple four-letter .COM’s and pot-related domains going well into the four figures. The country code extension which produced the most high-end sales in March would be .DE hands down. That’s not a big surprise to me personally, but I am a bit surprised to see at least four different .TV sales getting over $1k/each during the month. We’re starting a new month now which means new figures will be up and available to see soon. Only time will tell if April can produce sales figures that would be able to surpass those in March. Let’s wait and see!