Creative Ways To Sell Your Domain Names

Have some extra domain names you are wanting to sell? Maybe you registered a domain for your next big business idea that never really panned out. Or, maybe you’re an investor who buys domains with the specific goal of flipping them for profit. Regardless of you’re reasoning behind wanting to sell a few domains, I’ve said it before and will say it again: Domains are like internet real estate and if you plan to sell one, it’s crucial to take the proper steps needed to make sure you’ll get the most for it.

Every month people sell tens of thousands of dollars worth of domain names to a variety of businesses. According to the most recent domain sales on, over $234,379.97 USD has been spent buying domains just in the month of May alone! It’s great to see so much action and cash floating around this market. However, if you don’t have a premium domain for sale it might be harder to sell then something really good like or something. That’s why you’ll want to consider implementing some creative methods to get your domain some exposure. You’ll have better odds of selling it if you can get it more attention and in front of more eyes. So, how can you get creative with selling your domain name? Continue reading below and try some of these suggestions!

First, before implementing some of the methods below you should list your domain on several marketplaces. I have a list of different domain marketplaces on this page so you can join them and begin listing your domains there. Marketplaces are great because they offer safe transactions that use the Escrow process to make sure neither side gets scammed. Domain marketplaces also get lots of traffic, so by listing your domain(s) on them people could see and buy them just from having them listed. Although, just as I mentioned before, if your domain isn’t premium the odds of it getting lots of views and offers just from listing it aren’t very high. List your domain on at least one of the marketplaces above. Then, use the tactics below to promote the link to your listing on the marketplace. This will get people to see your domain, and if interested go straight to the marketplace listing for it and either Buy Now or Make An Offer!

Twitter – Twitter is probably the easiest social network to advertise your domains on. Most people have a Twitter account and you’re not required to join any groups or anything to promote your domains. Simply post a tweet and include some relevant hashtags with it! For example: The #domain is for sale! Learn More: http://linktomarketplacegoeshere #domaining #wordpress #domainnames #flippa

Reddit – Reddit is a great network to target domain sales on. Why? Because the audience on Reddit tends to be more technologically savvy than most other networks like Facebook and Twitter. In fact, there are several Subreddits out there dedicated to domaining, SEO, WordPress, and other topics that relate to the industry. Share your domain marketplace links on Reddit and you can likely reach a unique audience which you might not be able to reach on these other networks.

Facebook – Just about everyone has a Facebook profile and there are groups dedicated to domain sales, website development and other similar topics. This gives you a great audience of potential buyers to reach. Simply login to Facebook, visit the Groups area, and search for domain related groups. You can post domains for sale in these groups daily!

LinkedIn – One great thing about LinkedIn is that this social network is already geared towards the business community. That means the site is full of small business owners and other decision makers in a company who might want to purchase a domain name. Just like Facebook, LinkedIn also has Groups available that are in the domain niche. Do a search for Domain Names under LinkedIn groups and you will find several additional places you can visit on a daily or weekly basis to post the domain names you’d like to sell!