How .STORE Domains Can Increase Traffic to Your Online Shop

Were you aware that a .STORE domain could boost traffic into your online shop and build a higher recall for your brand? Most have probably never thought of it that way, but in this article I’m going to provide several diverse ways in which you can get more customers coming into your online business.

First, let’s say you already have a great online store with a website name that you love, and you have no plans on switching over to a new domain. Even if this is the case, you can still make smart use of your .STORE domain name and boost sales using domain redirects to your inner pages.

What is a Domain Redirect?

Have you ever seen an affiliate link that looks like this:

If so, you’re basically looking at a deep-link to Amazon’s Kindle store. The problem with such a link is that it’s long, complicated, and impossible to remember. It could also be very prone to mistakes when one is trying to backlink to it. Now, consider the domain It’s a short and memorable domain that redirects to Amazon’s Kindle homepage. These type of domain redirects are valuable in driving more traffic into your website. Listed below are four other unique ways in which you can get the most out of your domain redirects.

Promotions – One effective way to drive more traffic into your website is by publicizing your promotions page. What this means is you create a permanent page on your website that lists all active offers and promotions at any given point. Your .STORE domain can be used to brand this page in ways like store, store/offers, or even store/christmas. After that, all that’s left for you to do is continue promoting that one page in all of your marketing and communication material. These deep links will be much easier to remember and your customers will keep coming back to them just to see what your latest deals are. Trust me, it will be much easier than making them have to navigate all around your website just to find them.

Product Launches – Every new product launch deserves some extra attention! This create another opportunity for you to drive more traffic into your website by simply creating a .STORE domain redirect for the new product page. For example, if you’re launching a new brand of designer wear for women, an inner page on your website might look like this:

It looks good, but can still be hard for customers to remember. The best way out of such a jam would be to create a domain redirect that looks like store/victoriabeckham or even store/vb. Users can easily remember these types of links and then quickly land directly on your new page. You can also use these links with different images on social media to build a higher brand recall.

Offline Marketing – It can be difficult to promote a page or product category in offline marketing. For example, consider this link which takes you directly to Formula One’s official online store: This link is complicated and will be virtually impossible for anyone to remember. However, something like quickly solves that problem! By using a .STORE domain redirect in your offline marketing material, you won’t lose out on customers who find long and awkward links too cumbersome to engage with.

Backlinks and SEO – This should be one of the most important factors for all webmasters out there. When you are looking for backlinks to your inner pages for improving search rankings, keep in mind that the “anchor text” and “deep link” are crucial. That means, if your link is and your anchor text is “kindle store” then often times it will give a positive signal to the search engines about the authenticity of this link. It’s recommended that you always use a 301 Permanent Redirect for this to work in your favor. The more backlinks you create this way, the better it is for your organic search ranking.