Finding Keyword Domains on

Keyword domains can be great for both flipping and developing. I previously wrote a post discussing how to hand register end user domains and that same topic plays a role here because end user domains often contain at least one keyword in them. However, end user domains also focus on specific locations (such as cities) which can’t be said about all keyword-related domain names out there. The secret to finding good keyword-related domains is finding new trends early and keeping a close eye on expired domain lists. Just like most other types of domain names out there, all the really good two and three word domains are already taken. You may not stand much chance at acquiring or anytime soon. However, there are still plenty of other good keyword-related domains dropping and I’ll give you some tips on how to acquire them.

Keyword Domain Tips

Here are some simple tips I will offer when thinking about investing into keyword-related domain names.
First, always try to go with .COM if possible. If not, I wouldn’t go after names outside of .NET or country-code relevant extensions. For example, wouldn’t be too bad and the .NET for such a name wouldn’t even be horrible since the products are related to the internet. However, would be practically worthless. You should also refrain from getting three word domains in the .NET extension.
Second, don’t go above three keywords. would be ideal and something else that’s highly relevant (such as isn’t a bad alternative. However, and similar type domains should always be avoided. Businesses will seldomly come to you wanting to buy a four word domain unless it were a specific saying, such as

How To Find Keyword Domains

I always use when looking for new keyword-related domains. I prefer to check both Pending Delete and recently dropped lists on a regular basis in order to find good opportunities. You would be surprised how many decent keyword domains don’t get caught on the drop and wind up in the deleted COM section. Here is the process I normally use:

1. Sign Up and Login to ExpiredDomains. Then, click the Pending Delete tab at the top.

2. Next, click the red Show Filter link towards the top. We are going to set the follower filters:
Under the Common tab check the no Numbers and no Hyphens boxes. Then, under the Dictionary Word Domains area check the English box and set the Word Count to a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3. Finally, under the Common SEO area find WBY and set only the maximum to 2015.
Under the Additional tab check the com box within the Original gTLDs area. Then, click the Apply Filter button.

After applying the filters above we took a total Pending Delete database of about 2,369,693 domains and trimmed it down to just 134 including some decent keyword domains like,,, and You could now go through all of these and see which good names will be dropping soon. You can also adjust the filter to include more extensions, or click the “Deleted .com” tab at the top to view which domains have recently dropped and might be available for registration right now.