How To Hand Register End User Domains

In previous blog posts I’ve written about the different niches for domains within this industry. Some domain investors like purchasing traffic domains while others prefer brandables or liquid domain names (such as 3 and 4-Letter COM’s). It’s not uncommon for some investors to dip their toes into several different niches when it comes to domaining and end user domains are no different. What is an end user domain exactly? I consider these to be domains that have a broad pool of end users available for you to begin marketing to shortly after registering them. These are good types of domains for newer investors to target, especially if they want to be more pro-active in trying to makes sales rather than just sitting back and waiting for new offers to come in.

Those who have been in the industry for ages or have a large budget can afford to purchase different types of names and hold them until the right offer comes in. Newer investors might not have this luxury as they might be trying to buy and sell domains at a faster rate so they can use those profits and continue to build their portfolio in hopes that it will one day match the size of their larger competitors. For these types of investors I would recommend purchasing end user domains as opposed to something like brandables which can take much longer to sell while also being much harder to promote.

Before I show you how to find end user domains that you can hand register and try to flip, let’s look at a few examples. With “end user” domains we want to target a City and an Industry. Since I’m from the United States I always target US cities, so that’s what I’ll be using in my examples. Take a large city like Chicago and a large industry like Plumbing. would be a fantastic end user name. If we search Google for “Chicago Plumbing” we can find several pages of plumbing companies that would be perfect for reaching out to and pro-actively trying to sell this domain. Another good example would be Once again, do a Google search for “Dallas Cremations” and see how many potential buyers there are. Now, at this day in age large cities like Chicago and Dallas are probably taken for the largest industries out there, such as plumbing and cremations. That means you need to target either smaller cities (such as suburbs of large cities) or smaller industries.

How To Find End User Domains

1. First, you’ll want to find a list of cities in your country. I suggest targeting cities that have a population of at least 200,000 people. You obviously want to target cities that are going to have a decent population since these are likely to sell faster. You can find a list of United States cities by population on Wikipedia Here.

2. Next, you’ll want to find industries. You can use sites like Angieslist or Craigslist to get ideas. Here are a few: Plumbing, Cremations, Pest Control, Electrician, Plumber, Heating, Supplies, Marketing

3. Finally, visit the DynaDot Bulk Domain Search Tool and do lookups for different City + Industry combinations. Once you find a name is available do a Google Search for it to get an idea of how many potential buyers you see. If there’s more than a pages worth it’s likely a domain you should register. Once registered, send an email to each of the potential buyers and let them know it’s for sale.