Get More Exposure from Your Facebook Business Page

Among all the social networks out there, Facebook sits at the top when it comes to monthly active users with 2.23 billion. That means more than 20% of the world’s population is active on Facebook each and every month of the year. Can you guess how many Facebook pages exist out there? Most would say between 50 and 60 million which is incorrect. As of May last year, there were more than 80 million business Facebook pages on the social network. That means as a marketer on Facebook you need to try and become more unique than 79,999,999 others. That probably sounds impossible because it is. Rather than trying to be more unique than other pages, there are several things you can do to give the best value when compared to your competitors.

Focus On Educational & Fun Content – When most business owners complain about their posts not getting enough engagement on Facebook it’s usually because of one thing: too much promotional content. The truth is, do you really think everyone liking your page only wants to see promotional posts? Absolutely not. Users already have their feeds filled up with ads and don’t really want to see more. Promotional content isn’t something that will engage users and make them want to click the “Like” or “Share” buttons. Instead, it’s something that will make them want to continue scrolling past and skip. With that in mind, focus on sharing things like videos and images which will be fun or educational. This will make users want to stop in their news feed to see what you shared, and then likely react to it. More reactions increases your pages user engagement. When you user engagement increases it means more of your followers will be seeing everything you post.

Know When To Use Facebook Ads – Since we know people don’t really like it when you share promotional content on your page, how should you put out promotional content on Facebook? That’s where the ads department comes into play. Run engaging ads on Facebook and it will surely get new users/sales for your product or service. Even if your budget is on the lower end, marketers successfully run campaigns on the popular social network with as little as $100 split up into two $50 campaigns. Don’t just stop there, though. Once your ad has been running for a few hours go in and make adjustments to improve it’s performance. Discover which type ad type works best for your product or service, and then continue re-investing in it so you can achieve maximum exposure.

Use Insights To Gather Data – Facebook page insights are a fantastic tool that every page owner should be utilizing properly. Make the most of your Facebook Insights to determine what type of audience you have and what type of content you should be posting. Here are just a few things you can get from Facebook Insights:

  • Page views, likes, reach, reviews, recommendations, post engagements, and followers.
  • Audience behavior, demographic, buying patterns, and geographic locations
  • Traffic source like Google or your website.
  • Activity details such as “get direction clicks”, “website clicks”, and “action button clicks”.
  • Post engagements and shares.
  • Posts reach for both organic and paid strategy. Here you can also add custom timing, to better understand post reactions.
  • Your videos performance and engagements.
  • Get Feedback From Your Audience – Conducting a simple poll directly on your Facebook page is an excellent way to get feedback from your followers. Facebook allows you the opportunity to create polls with text, photos or GIFs. Publish them in a story or directly in your newsfeed which won’t just give you some informative feedback, but they can also increase your pages engagement. One thing to keep in mind is that certain types of questions get more comments than others. For example, posts that include words like should, would and who do better than those which include why or how.

    Create A Facebook Group – Facebook groups might seem a little underrated, but they’re a great additional thing to create and can be linked to directly from your page. Stats have shown that over 100 million Facebook users belong to a meaningful Facebook community, so why not start one yourself? Group offer a place where other members can ask questions and discuss relevant topics around your brand. People love communities and enjoy meeting new people on social media to discuss their problems and ideas. By owning a page with followers on it you can be the one who builds that emotional relationship between them!