.Guru was one of the first domain extensions launched under ICANN’s new gTLD program, and was one of the most popular extensions for a few months after its launch as well. Its registry operator is Donuts, and the number of registered domains exceeded 80, 000 by the first anniversary of its launch with a fallback to 67, 000 by August, 2015.  It is one of the newTLDs, where the extension speaks for itself: by choosing a .guru extension you can solidify yourself as an expert in the field. A short, international buzzword for a domain extension seems to be a great idea for everyone. As internet has become the most important educational resource in the world and information sharing is just increasing day by day, so anyone giving advice in any field can seem more professional by securing a .guru domain name.

Indeed, with relatively small proportion of .guru domains parking, one can assume that .guru extensions were secured mostly by endusers as compared to other gTLDs. Shortly after its launch, there were 20 .guru sites reaching Alexa 1 000 000 , and 93 sites in Alexa top as of today.

In turn, .guru does not seem to be the greatest investment for short-term domain speculators. In its first year the following public sales were recorded:

Domain nameSale price in USDDateMarketplace

So, there are quite a few advantages of the .guru extension including its brandability, its relatively low price (USD 24 at GoDaddy), its shortness and positive meaning.