Largest New gTLD Domain Sales in 2019

Anyone who tells you new gTLD domain names don’t sell if lying. Well, kind of at least. According to NameBio, there were 885 ngTLD domain sales in 2019 and while it’s true there weren’t nearly as many ngTLD domain sales last year compared to the king (.COM) which had 92,793 in total, it still isn’t a bad number when you compare it to other gTLD extensions that have been around much longer than the newer ones. For example, .NET finished with only 2,824 sales. Smaller old extensions had even fewer: .BIZ totaled 78 and .INFO totaled 312. With that in mind, it certainly looks like good ngTLD domains stand a better chance at selling compared to older extensions that aren’t COM and NET. Let’s also remember these extensions are still in their infant stage. There may have been a combined 885 new gTLD domain sales in 2019, but that number will most likely go up in 2020 and ideally even higher as the years go by. On the other hand, sale numbers will likely remain the same or gone downwards for extensions that have been around a while (like BIZ and INFO). In 2018 the .INFO extension had just 256 reported sales while .BIZ ended that year with 107. So, what kind of new gTLD domains were in the most demand last year? Below we’re going to take a deeper look at the largest new gTLD domain sales which took place in 2019. – This name goes together perfectly for the right company and I guess that’s why it was the largest reported sale of the year. It’s undeveloped right now (parked with Uniregistry) and sold for $335,000 USD on 2019-05-26 through a Venue called WebQuest. That seems like a high price for an investor to pay, so my guess is that we’ll see this name developed before too long. – With all the new app technology out today it would make sense to see a .APP domain in the list. The site doesn’t load anywhere right now (Server Not Found) which means it isn’t parked and obviously the owner doesn’t have a website up yet. Could this be the next SnapChat or Instagram? Who knows, but we do know the name sold for $91,000 USD on 2019-09-10 through the Afternic venue. – Of all the new gTLD extensions out there I’d say .CLUB is one that’s been more popular than some of the others. Business is a popular keyword that can basically target anything out there that does it. If you were a B2B company that worked with other businesses in a variety of different niches (such as a marketing company) this would be a great domain! That appears to be the type of company that purchased this domain because it’s already developed. It sold for $60,936 USD on 2019-04-21 through the venue Names.Club. – I could see this domain being developed by a job recruitment company or an educational company that taught people new skills. However, I don’t know if I’m right or wrong with that assumption because the name hasn’t been developed yet. It’s currently going to a default registrar page for United Domains and all the content is in German. Whomever the owner is, they paid $38,000 USD for this domain on 2019-03-01 through the venue New.Life. – This type of domain should be purchased and used for some company in the technology industry, right? Well, a company specializing in AI for businesses certainly meets that requirement! This domain is already developed (and looks great) after being bought for $30,000 USD on 2019-11-22 through the Sedo venue. – That’s now two .APP domains that have sold in the top-6 ngTLD domain sales for 2019. While the previous could really only be branded by a company with those two initials (ZB), this one is a much more generic dictionary name. It can obviously target several different niches, but there’s no website developed around it yet. The domain sold for $30,000 USD on 2019-03-18 through the venue.

Other Large ngTLD Domain Sales in 2019
Domain Name – Sale Price – Date – Venue – $29,999 USD – 2019-02-21 – Sedo – $28,000 USD – 2019-03-25 – Nidoma – $27,685 USD – 2019-09-13 – Sedo – $25,000 USD – 2019-12-24 – New.Life – $25,000 USD – 2019-08-16 – Sedo – $25,000 USD – 2019-03-01 – New.Life – $22,500 USD – 2019-04-05 – Sedo – $20,000 USD – 2019-10-13 – BQDN – $20,000 USD – 2019-08-25 – WebQuest – $20,000 USD – 2019-07-07 – Private – $19,880 USD – 2019-01-09 – Jiangsu Bangning – $19,000 USD – 2019-01-08 – Sedo