Highest Paying CPC Industries in 2019

Planning to develop a new website but unsure what niche to go with? One good suggestion would be to consider targeting one of the high paying industries below! The process of making money online can be a bit difficult, but if your website targets industries with higher paying keywords then you won’t need to generate as many clicks in order to start bringing in some good cash. But don’t forget, to be a successful publisher your ads will also need to be properly placed and you’ll need traffic that engages with the ads that are being displayed on your website. Remember to have ads displaying both above and below the fold. Also, try experimenting with different types of ad formats (text vs. image ads, different sizes..etc.). Once you’ve decided on an industry from the list below setup a blog and begin writing unique content for it. Create different categories in your blog and then write content that targets long tail keywords within the industry. After that, begin building traffic by optimizing for search engines and using other marketing techniques. In just a few short months you could be making over $100/day by generating just a few good clicks on your blog!

1. Insurance – $58 CPC
2. Gas/Electricity – $54 CPC
3. Mortgage – $47 CPC
4. Attorney – $47 CPC
5. Loans – $44 CPC
6. Lawyer – $42 CPC
7. Donate – $42 CPC
8. Conference Call – $42 CPC
9. Degree – $40 CPC
10. Credit – $38 CPC

Why do the terms in the industries above pay so much more than others? The answer to that question is rather simple, really. Companies in these industries have high customer value and because of that, they can afford to spend lots of money in order to acquire new customers. It all basically boils down to their business economics.

How do I find high paying CPC long tail keywords? Keyword research is the key to driving traffic to your website and getting paid the most per click. If you don’t do the research you won’t know what people are looking for and therefor, won’t know what to write about in order to reach them. Sure, you can always follow your competitors for research, but it’s usually best to do it for yourself. Thankfully, there are several tools out there which have make the process of researching different keywords pretty fast and painless. Here are some options you can use, even if you don’t have any money to invest!

SEMRush Keyword Magic Tool (FREE Trial is enough)
KWFinder Keyword Research Tool (Sign Up FREE Trial)
Ahrefs Keyword Explorer
MOZ Keyword Explorer (Sign Up FREE Account)

What type of content should I write? Google prefers long and unique content. Plan for your articles to be at least 500 words in length and I also recommend you lookup terms like keyword density in order to learn how many times you should be referencing your desired keywords inside articles. Blogs are a great place to share helpful content such as reviews, how-to articles, helpful tips or solutions to problems, and other things of that nature. Don’t try to sell things in your post. Instead, focus on creating helpful content that people will want to spend time reading. In doing so, visitors will spend more time on your website browsing around and this will increase the likelihood of them clicking one of your ads.