How To Drop Catch Expired Domains

I’ve been in the domain industry for over a decade now and I’m always amazing by the answers I get when asking someone “What steps would you take if there was an expired domain out there that you wanted?” Most of them reply with “I’d backorder it” or “I’d try to hand register it on the day it drops.” Now, while I understand both of these responses and they each sound logical, they certainly aren’t always the safest or cheapest method. In fact, there are multiple issues that come with going either of those routes and many domainers could be saving themselves both time and money by simply using software that handles all of this for them. Anytime I’ve chatted with someone and they’ve answered my question with something like the answers above, I do one thing. I send them a link to DesktopCatcher and ask them to take a few minutes to check that website out. Sure, it’s not going to be the solution for everyone. But, it will be the only solution many domainers need when it comes to wanting an expired domain. Below I’ll explain why that is, and why more domainers should be using it!

How Does DesktopCatcher Work

Anytime someone wants to register an expired domain they initially have to wait until the day it “drops” before it can be re-registered to someone new. That information is fairly easy to find using sites like and once you know the domain you want along with it’s drop date, DesktopCatcher will do the rest. This unique drop catching software works by using publicly available domain registrar API’s in order to automatically check and register your desired domain(s). It’s actually rather simple to setup and use as well. Install the software on your PC, put in your domain registrar details (you can submit details and run over 10 domain registrars at once), and then load in the domains you want to register on their drop date and press start! Once started the software will constantly send registration requests to the domain registrars you have enabled requesting them to register your desired domains. Once the domain drops, the software will automatically submit it to the registrar and it will be yours within a split second! Best of all, the cost you’ll pay for the name is just a standard registration fee (usually around $8.99 for a COM) and the domain will be in your account and accessible instantly. This software is great because it gives domainers the ability to chase domains across dozens of extensions and automatically register them at the same price as doing it by hand, only 10-times faster! So you might be asking, why use software like DesktopCatcher rather than backordering the expired domain or registering it by hand? Continue reading and I’ll explain why.

Don’t Both Hand Registering Domains

Every single day there are tons of people scanning and chasing expired domains. That makes the process of hand registering an expiring domain on it’s drop date virtually pointless. Some people backorder them while others use software like DesktopCatcher. Both of these processes are significantly faster than hand registrations and you’ll get beaten every single time. Many people think that because they want a domain that isn’t likely on their competitors radar, hand registering will be best because it’s the cheapest method. This in fact isn’t true because those using DesktopCatcher will be paying the same price as those hand registering. Aside from a small monthly fee, you’re paying the same price to actually register a domain as the person hand registering it, but your odds of beating other people and having more success will go way up!

Save Money Without Domain Backorders

Backordering expired domains can be an expensive habit. Sure, if you’re wanting premium COM or NET domain then backordering is pretty much required. But, most people still backorder domains that aren’t even in those highly competitive extensions. They waste money paying a backorder outlet $50+ for a name that they actually could’ve likely caught themselves for much less. Backorders can be good, but only when they’re used on the right domains. Another issue with backorders is the whole auction thing. You go and backorder a domain that you want, only to find 5 other people backordered it as well and now you have to go into a bidding war against all of them just to get the name. By using software like DesktopCatcher you take all the backorder auction stuff out of the equation. You chase the name, catch it, and it’s yours!

It continues to amaze me when I ask that one simple question and hear the different replies from other domainers. For what some people pay for 1 backorder they could literally purchase a 12 month lease of DesktopCatcher and likely make their investment back in no time. It isn’t that most of these people are crazy. Most of the time it’s simply the fact that they never even knew software like DesktopCatcher even existed. Once I send them a link to read more about it and how it works, they end up grabbing a copy to try it out for themselves. If you’re someone who likes to register expired domains and want to try saving yourself some extra time from hand registering or extra money from backordering, I’d also recommend you click the link towards the top of this post and check the software out for yourself!