How To Make Extra Money From Your Blog

Running your own blog can be a fulfilling hobby. They’re an ideal way to express your passion for something and can even bring you in some extra cash, either has a side hustle or a full time career. While it doesn’t happen overnight, some successful bloggers have managed to earn six (and even seven) figure salaries from their online blogs. If you’re looking to follow in their footsteps then first understand that building a successful blog takes time. It’s also going to take lots of work as you’ll need to develop a website, add content regularly, monetize it, and promote it for traffic. In this post we’re going to focus mostly on monetization. Once your blog is online and rolling, you’ll want to maximize monetization so that you’re earning as much from it as possible. Several bloggers think they will just start a website and throw some Adsense into each post and on the sidebar. Sure, those bloggers are making some revenue. But, they are likely losing out on revenue as well by not maximize the potential advertising space that’s on their site. Listed below are some simple tips for increasing the monetization of your blog so that you can make extra money from it.

Google Adsense – It’s a bit funny that I would make this my first tip since I just mentioned Google Adsense in my introduction. But seriously, if you’re not using Google Adsense (or another PPC provider such as then you’re easily missing out on extra revenue. Every blogger should utilize Google Adsense and place those banners both inside posts and in their sidebar. Several other webmasters have done tests in the past which prove that Adsense is by far the highest paying provider out there, and that’s why I’ve listed them as opposed to the hundreds of other companies there are out there which offer similar types of ads. Be careful not to overdue it – You don’t want 10 Adsense ads loading on a page for your visitors. Instead, strategically place one or two ads in your sidebar and then one or two ads inside your posts. Either at the top and bottom, or someplace within your posts body content.

Affiliate Programs – There are affiliate programs available in practically every niche imaginable. The great thing about affiliate products is that you can place banners for those in your sidebar as well. Relevant products can sell well for obvious reasons – If you have a blog that talks about fashion then people landing there are likely interested in fashion products. Using an affiliate program for fashionable t-shirts can easily bring you in some extra revenue because of how relevant the product is to your traffic. Most affiliate programs will pay you between 10% and 30% of what you sell. Since these banners can be placed alongside your Adsense banners, there is no reason not to use them! Take a moment right now to do a google search for Web Hosting Affiliate Program. Just look at how many affiliate programs are available for that niche. Now, take a moment and try looking for whatever niche your blog is in. You’ll probably find some are available for it as well!

Sell Sponsored Posts – Other webmasters would love to be mentioned on your blog. It gives them additional reach to new potential visitors and the backlink you give them delivers some additional SEO authority to their website. Create a page that lets visitors know you sell sponsored posts and you would probably be surprised by how many contacts you get. Sponsored posts have become an excellent way for bloggers to earn some extra income because it doesn’t take up any advertising space on their site. Instead, it’s just a normal post (which should still be relevant to your niche) that contains a backlink to the other persons website or blog.

Push Notifications – At this day in age you’ve likely visited a website and were quickly prompted with a push notification subscription box. It likely asked you to either click Allow or Deny which is the option for you to either be subscribed to push notifications or not. When visitors click the Allow option on push notifications it subscribes them to begin receiving new notifications via their mobile phone or web browser. Companies like PropellerAds will pay you each time you send them a new subscriber. Once again, this method doesn’t require taking up any advertising space on your blog because it’s a popup that will disappear once the user has made a choice to either subscribe or not. Push notifications are an excellent way to earn even more revenue from your website without constantly bombarding your visitors with ads.

Any blog owner should be able to utilize not just one, but all four of these monetization methods on their blog. If you’re currently using just one of the four then trust me, you’re missing out on extra cash that is there for the taking. Part of being a successful blogger isn’t just the content you write or the traffic you bring in, it’s monetizing that traffic properly so you’re earning as much from every visitor as possible!