How To Find Great Content Topic Ideas

One of the most time-consuming tasks with digital marketing is finding new content topic ideas to target within your blogs, discuss in your videos, and then post on your social media channels. If you publish one or two pieces of content per week then coming up with new ideas probably isn’t very tough. But if you are planning to scale up your content marketing then you’ll need a way to come up with lots of new ideas quickly. A quick Google search for how to find content topic ideas will bring up several different websites offering 30, 40 or even 100 different methods. However, you don’t need that many. If you try to follow all the suggestions given you could end up losing time in the long run. That’s exactly why I’ve compiled this post! In this guide, I’ll walk you through four of the most efficient ways to generate great content topic ideas for your blog or any other type of content!

1. Gooogle Trends – Google Trends is a fantastic tool for researching topics and ideas but surprisingly, not a lot of people use it. In some ways that’s a good thing because it gives you a slight advantage over your competition. The main idea behind using Google Trends is to find trending topics related to your niche. That doesn’t mean it’s a great tool for doing keyword research, though. Google Trends is ideal for getting hints of what broad topics people are searching for on Google. Although the tool is easy to use, to make something out of it, you need to try a combination of searches. When performing searches on Google Trends you’ll notice that for most searches Google offers two options: search term and topic. Each option gives different results, so start with “search term” and then repeat the process for “topic.”

2. Online Courses – Anytime someone is creating a new online course, they’ll need to do some thorough research in order to find what topics need to be included in their course for it to be considered useful and interesting to potential students. This gives you the ability to look at what topics they’ve come up with, and then write about them yourself. Find a course related to your niche and then analyze the topics they cover. Be sure to concentrate on popular courses and on courses that were recently updated. It is more likely that their topics may have changed due to user feedback. Some popular platforms you can look over are Udemy, LinkedIn Learning or SkillShare.

3. Google Search – In all honesty, the best tool for coming up with great content topic ideas is Google. Most of the time, this is all you will need to find new topics for your content marketing strategy. Simply visit Google and start typing your main topic keywords. As you type, you’ll notice that Google makes different recommendations. Finish writing your main topic idea, for example, “Content marketing” and then start typing letters (beginning with A) afterwards. This gives you a combination of topics that include your main search term and other popular keywords people have searched for.

4. UberSuggest – Jump over to UberSuggest and type in a topic. Select CONTENT IDEAS from the left menu and see what comes up. Look for topics that specifically have “estimated traffic” and “social shares” displayed. This combination ensures that the chosen topics will generate some traffic to your website and that it’s something users will probably like to share. You can also click on KEYWORDS IDEAS from the left menu and get a more detailed analysis which is somewhat similar to SEMRush.