How To Properly Send Email Newsletters

Much like SEO and social media, email newsletters are another great way to reach a targeted audience and sell them products or services you may offer. They’re also a great way of updating your audience with the latest news and information regarding your products, website, business, or even personal life. Email newsletters follow similar structures when it comes to the different elements which need to be included so that they can be the most useful for your audience. Personally, I use MailChimp to do all of my email marketing. They make it extremely simple to setup everything from email templates to sequences. Once you’re account is setup and you’ve began to build a list of subscribers, it’s time to begin writing emails. Listed below are five different elements you should always include when preparing to send out your email newsletters.

Personalized Subject Line – If your newsletter has the same subject line every time, your audience is obviously going to be less likely to open it. Personally, if I saw that inside my inbox then by the second time I would think it was the same as that previous one I received. With that in mind, it’s always good to personalize each and every message you send out. Change the subject line, even if the topic is the same!

Backlink To Social Media Profiles – Always include links to your social media profiles inside your email! This is one simple way to encourage your audience to follow you on sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Not only will that increase your exposure overall on each of those websites, it might get your audience to see even more content from you that would have never been seen through email messages.

Opt-Out Link – Email marketers are legally required to include an opt-out link in all emails they send. Frankly, it’s only right to give your readers and easy way to unsubscribe from receiving your emails if they no longer want to. This is also why I recommend using MailChimp above, though. They automatically put the opt-out link into your emails, and manage all of that for you. Use one of their free templates to write your email series, and they handle the rest. By using services like MailChimp you can feel certain things are always being done legitimately!

A Few Images – Text content is long and can be too much for some people to sit and read on their cell phone, especially if they’re trying to scan through several different emails. Images allow you to give the reader information in a much faster manor, and that’s exactly why images do well with email marketing. Users will also feel more encouraged to open your email if they know they are going to be lighter on text content and visually easy to digest.

Some Personality – Nobody likes to read content that looks like it was written by a robot. That type of content can be tedious to read and it’s exactly what makes a read lose interest quickly. This can be easily prevented by injecting a bit of life and personality into your email content. For example, relate to things that people do or feel (such as putting their feet up while on the laptop or a lifestyle quote about being happy and achieving success). By adding a bit of personality into your posts readers will feel more connected to you and therefor, more interested in what you have to say.