How To Sell Domains Through NameSilo

NameSilo is a domain registrar which many who read this post might not be too familiar with. That’s understandable considering that most domainers have a preferred registrar (such as GoDaddy) and would rather keep all of their domains in just one place without venturing very far to try new companies. When it comes to a place that holds all of your internet real estate you want to be certain they’re both ICANN accredited and extremely trustworthy. Still, those of you who are not too familiar with NameSilo should consider giving them a deeper look. Why? Well, there are several different reasons I’d recommend you look into them more when searching for a new domain registrar:

  • They’re ICANN Accredited
  • Cheaper Than GoDaddy (COM’s are just $8.99)
  • Free WhoIs Privacy
  • In-House Marketplace

Much like GoDaddy, DynaDot and many of the other more established domain name registrars, NameSilo launched their own domain marketplace a couple years back and it had proven to be successful after the first year. In fact, last year (in 2018) NameSilo released some figures from the first year of marketplace business, and this is what it revealed.

  • Over 55,000 domains were listed for sale
  • 578 domains were successfully sold
  • 422 were Offer/Counter-offer sales
  • 156 were via Auctions
  • $145,687 in total sales revenue
  • $252.05 was the average sale price
  • $3,000 was the largest Offer/Counter-offer sale
  • $1,980 was the largest Auction sale
  • 2 Buyer charge backs

You might be asking yourself, why should I list my domains at NameSilo and not the more popular marketplaces such as Flippa, GoDaddy, Sedo, Afternic, or Bido? The answer to that is simple – You can list your portfolio at all of those places as well! But if you move (or register) your domains with NameSilo then you’ll be paying much less in renewals each year while also enjoying extra perks like free WhoIs Privacy.

What are some of the advantages to listing on NameSilo? One major advantage is the commission they take from each successful sale. Remember, just like any other marketplace out there, NameSilo has to take their part for handling the Escrow process of each sale. Marketplaces like Sedo and GoDaddy usually take 10-20% commission on all sales, while NameSilo takes just 3-7.5%! There are also fewer domains listed on the NameSilo domain marketplace (less than 100,000 as compared to Sedo which has multiple times that number) which means your domains will stand out and be seen more often. They don’t charge listing fee’s like Flippa does, plus offer more payout options than most of the others. Other great marketplace features include:

  • Listed an unlimited number of domain names
  • Your choice between custom domain or a system-defined URL
  • Customization of color scheme, pricing display, logo and more
  • Receive unlimited inquiries
  • Mobile friendly marketplace that offers multiple searching methods

The NameSilo domain marketplace might not be as popular as some of the others, and that’s exactly why you should always be listing your domains on the platforms as well. However, those wanting an additional place to list their domains with less competition should certainly give NameSilo a try. Not only is this registrar one of my personal favorites because of pricing, a customer friendly user panel and good customer support, their marketplace has also shown some good results thus far and that should only continue to expand!