for Domain Parking?

Their domain isn’t something most domainers are really into. Anytime a domain investor visits a URL and is immediately redirected they tend to wanna close the window. That doesn’t make a bad place for parking your domains, though. In fact, this somewhat unheard of company offers unique domain parking services that aren’t like Bodis, ParkingCrew and the half-dozen others most domainers tend to go and use right off the bat. In fact, the way works is quite a bit different than traditional domain parking companies. Below I’ll go through what makes them different than the others, plus what other features they offer including native ads, payment methods and more!

What Makes Different?

The answer to this question might seem a little complex, but it really isn’t. First, when thinking about a traditional parking company we know these places use a simple page layout (sometimes we can even choose the Template we want to use) and then display a variety of ads using a feed from companies like Google and Yahoo. This is how domain parking has always been done and it’s always worked for people. However, earnings can be low if your niche isn’t high paying. Plus, there are often several ads on the page and you never know which one a visitor is going to click. Low paying niches can be horrible with parking because you may be generating lots of clicks, but making very little because of the actual pay per click rate. That’s where differentiates themselves. Ever heard of CPA companies? Ever seen offers like “Get a free iPhone” or “Win a vacation for 2 to Hawaii” around the web? These types of offers are called CPA because you get paid for the user completing an action (Cost Per Action). Users see the offer for a free iPhone and will usually have to complete a survey so they can be entered to win the phone. If the user goes through and does everything then you (the publisher) will get paid for them completing the action. Rates can vary depending on what steps the user has to do in order to complete the action, but CPA offers like that tend to pay around $1-$2 for every action. uses the CPA model, but redirects your customers to the offers instead of displaying traditional ads to them. That’s great for domains with traffic that are in low paying niches because if you think about it, getting actions can pay you more than a low paying click. For example, your domain generates 500 clicks per month, but only earns $0.10 per click. That means it’s making $50 per month in revenue at a traditional parking company. By using they won’t be presented with tons of ads and will instead be sent to a CPA offer that’s available in their country. If you get paid $1 per action and generate 100 actions in a month, you’ve now doubled what you were earning at the traditional parking company using the same traffic! If 500 people were clicking ads at your previous company, getting 1/5 of them to complete an action might not be too difficult, especially if it’s something related to the niche of the domain.

Information About

Creating your account at is pretty simple. Signup as a Publisher and once you’re logged in navigate to the Domain Parking section at the top. You can also choose to let visitors know your domain is for sale by enabling that option on the settings page. For revenue earned you can choose to be paid out via PayPal, Paxum, Check, ACH, or Wire.

Those looking for an alternative to traditional parking companies should really check out the website. If you’re high traffic domains are in low paying niches then you may find getting them to complete a free offer for higher payouts might work out much better in the end!