My Editor’s choice for Flippa domains, July 24, 2015

Well, I am not editor at Flippa, so this is just a game. I thought I will choose my favorite domains in auction and compare them with the actual Editor’s choice. Since there can be many parameters of deciding which one is Editor’s choice (most probably e.g. reserve price, which is hidden for me), please consider this as a game.

My choices:

Flippa Editors’ choice:

The worth of words, names, phrases and especially “brandable” are so highly subjective that it is obvious that the lists are different. We have just two in common (, I have to admit that Flippa choices are not worse than mine, they are just different. I have chosen more brandable, aged and keywords and more with most probably lower prices, while their choices are more conservative. I was also thinking on some of the official ones. I didn’t choose, because that might go out of fashion soon, and because of their sound. I know they are worthy because of the limited supply but I am not a fan of meaningless 3 letters or 4 number domains.

One conclusion: since it worth at least $1000 in free promotion, there are speculations out there that Editors’ choice might be biased. This speculation is not supported by the current Flippa editors’ choices, which are absolutely fair.