How To Sell Your Domain on Sedo and Afternic

When it comes to selling domain names, Sedo and Afternic are two of the largest and most successful marketplaces on the web. That means anyone wanting to sell their domains (whether it be just one domain or several) should be listing them on both of these platforms. One question I’m often asked is which of the two a potential seller should list on. The answer to that is simple and already mentioned in this post – both! The nice thing about most domain marketplaces is the fact that they allow you to list your domain across several mediums. This means you can have your domains listed for sale on Sedo, Afternic, GoDaddy, CAX, and as many other marketplaces as your heart desires! If you’re looking for places to list your domain portfolio then I suggest heading over to my other blog post titled Best Domain and Website Marketplaces.

Today I’m going to be focusing specifically on two of the largest and most successful options – Sedo and Afternic. Joining both of these marketplaces is completely free and you only pay a commission once your domain has successfully sold. In fact, getting your domain names listed is quick and painless. You can list multiple domains on both marketplaces and the entire process only takes about 5 minutes. But keep in mind, depending on the domains you’re listing additional verification checks may need to be done in order to verify you’re the proper owner of them. Therefore, when you list a domain it could take several hours before it actually goes live and is visible to potential buyers surfing the marketplace. Listed below are some simple step-by-step instructions for getting your domains listed on each website.

How To Sell Your Domain on Sedo

Those of you who have never used Sedo before will need to start by creating a free account. This can be done here and only takes a few minutes. New accounts will require email verification, but can be setup within just a few minutes. After your account is created you’ll want to login and should be automatically redirected to the My Sedo page. From here you’ll notice a quick overview of your domain parking earnings along with stats from your Marketplace earnings as well.

The next step is to hover over My Sedo in the top right and then select Add Domains. Once this page loads you’ll want to enter your domains into the Option 1 or Option 2 box and then check the box that states you agree to their marketplace terms of service.

After this is complete, click the Go to Step 2 button. Once the next page loads you should notice a popup that mentions using the Sedo wizard. I recommend clicking No Thanks to that and then entering in your own details. Enter your desired Price and select the currency you wish to receive payment in.

Choose the Price Option and complete all other required fields, then click Go to Step 3. Select the registrar and whether or not you want Sedo MLS enabled, then check the box to confirm you agree to the SedoMLS Premium Terms of Use. Finally, click Finish Adding Domains. Congrats – You’ve just successfully listed your domain(s) for sale on the Sedo domain marketplace!

How to Sell Your Domain on Afternic

Adding your domains to the Afternic marketplace is about as quick and simple as adding them to Sedo! Just like before, the first step is to create a new account here if you don’t already have one. Once again, email verification will be required, but your account will then be instantly setup and ready for listing. Login and you’ll be taken to the Dashboard.

From here you can also view both your domain Parking and Marketplace statistics. In the top menu (located on the right side) hover over Sell Domains and then choose List Your Domain.

On the following page, enter up to 50 domains (one per line) into the box and then click Continue.

On the next page you’ll want to enter prices for Buy Now, Floor and Minimum. Then, click Submit Domains. You’re almost done! Review your submission details on the Step 3 page and if everything looks good, click the button which says Submit for Processing.

Way to go – You’ve now added your domains to the Afternic marketplace and they’ll soon be visible for all potential buyers!