Is Google Pagerank still a valid measure?

As we all know, Google’s last pagerank toolbar update was quite a while ago, in 6th December, 2013. Since than, no toolbar update took place, and rumours have risen – with information from Google officers that Google  discontinued toolbar updates in order to fight spamming. The pagerank itself does exist, but the information will not be further disclosed.

As of today, there are no widely accepted single metrics as a replacement for Pagerank, although there are a few measures of a domain strength e. g. Seo kicks domain pop or Moz DA. As practically every domain measure can be fooled around, probably the summary of more measures can reflect the domain strength today. 

So what is the effect you think the disappearance of pagerank toolbar update has on domain market? I thought that it would lower the importance of pagerank immediately. But this is not quite the case one and the half year later.

There are some improvements, as an example, fake pagerank domains – usually derived from forwarding the domain to another domain with high pagerank – are spotted much easier than it was due to inconsequency between the different metrics used to characterize domain strength.

However, high pagerank domains are still expensive if you look at e. g. Godaddy auctions. On the contrary, pagerank seems to have a limited importance on Flippa.

Thus, I think that a good, widely accepted measure of domain strength would be much needed in order to fully replace pagerank that less and less reliable anyway as time goes by.