LLLL.com Domain Sales Comparison

Four letter dot Com’s (LLLL.com) are some of the most liquid domain assets one can own. One could argue the only better liquid domains you could own would be LLL, NNN or LL names. What does liquid mean? Liquid assets is technically defined as an asset that can be readily converted to cash. Basically, there is always a large market (of mostly resellers) ready and anxious to buy these types of domains. Due to the fact that there are only limited quantities available, buyers are always on the lookout for three and four letter (or number) domains no matter what letters or numbers are in them.

Back in 2017 there were approximately 11,473 recorded LLLL.com domain sales, according to NameBio. These ranged in price from $121 USD all the way up to $550,000 USD. Sales declined some in 2018, but was still well into the four figures with 7,862 recorded sales ranging from $100 USD all the way up to $2,000,000 USD. This year the trend has been similar to last, with 4,288 sales thus far ranging from $100 USD all the way up to 285,000 USD.

You should be able to quickly notice a few things from only the data above. First, much like the stock market, the domain market also shifts with highs and lows. When the market is hot, sales increase and so does the minimum value. At the same time, when things are cooler you’ll often see sales decrease along with the minimum price. However, one thing remains clear after looking at all three years of data. The minimum price never drops below $100. This is a big reason why liquid domains (such as LLLL.com) are such good investments. People shouldn’t make an entire domain portfolio filled with liquid domains. However, every investor should invest in some when the price is right (like the $100 range) because values can always go up, and these domains are a good way to keep some of your investment funds a bit safer.

Best LLLL.com Domain Sales Between 2017-2019

Rather than talking more about minimum value, let me quickly layout what some of the best LLLL.com domain sales have been over the last two and a half years.

fora.com – 2019 – $285,000 USD
sexe.com – 2019 – $231,223 USD
stop.com – 2019 – $110,000 USD
skim.com – 2019 – $105,000 USD
role.com – 2019 – $100,000 USD
auer.com – 2019 – $100,000 USD
zoom.com – 2018 – $2,000,000 USD
kush.com – 2018 – $500,000 USD
pain.com – 2018 – $399,999 USD
seva.com – 2018 – $310,000 USD
user.com – 2018 – $150,000 USD
edit.com – 2018 – $140,000 USD
item.com – 2018 – $102,000 USD
lola.com – 2017 – $550,000 USD
refi.com – 2017 – $500,000 USD
okey.com – 2017 – $250,000 USD
kohl.com – 2017 – $144,500 USD
hebe.com – 2017 – $125,000 USD
lows.com – 2017 – $104,501 USD
pack.com – 2017 – $100,000 USD
sati.com – 2017 – $100,000 USD

As you can see from the list of four figure sales each year above, your odds of taking and selling a random liquid domain for six figures or more is pretty unlikely. However, you’ll also notice the number of sales each year has been roughly the same. Even though total numbers dropped almost half between 2017 and 2018, big sales remained the same. While you may not be able to expect six figure sales from most of the LLLL.com’s in your portfolio, four and five figure sales are never out of question! Let me wrap this blog post up by showing you some of the craziest domains which have sold for those kinds of numbers over the same time period.

bjjx.com – 2019 – $11,800 USD
lvbo.com – 2019 – $10,249 USD
dddj.com – 2019 – $9,347 USD
wtmc.com – 2019 – $7,000 USD
cgex.com – 2018 – $12,500 USD
vedp.com – 2018 – $12,000 USD
hkmi.com – 2018 – $9,500 USD
cjcp.com – 2017 – $19,990 USD
fyfo.com – 2017 – $19,000 USD
bjcp.com – 2017 – $14,000 USD

I hope you’ve found some of this data helpful. In the end, as a domain investor you should be investing in several different types of domains: liquid, brandable, two/three word..etc. You never know when a random four letter domain will be just what somebody is looking for to fit their companies acronym or brand, and that’s when you’ll sell domains like cgex.com for $12,500!