The most expensive .io domain ever is for sale again, sold on Flippa just 6 months ago is the most expensive publicly sold .io domain by far with its $45,000 sale price. It is somewhat surprising that the domain is relisted again for sale at the same marketplace. is a really nice domain, where the extension is in perfect match with the topic since .io is quite popular in the tech sector. The winning bidder, who originally planned to develop a cloud hosting service bought the domain in buy-it-now when the auction almost reached $30,000. Unfortunately, there is no sign of any development on the domain, there is no snapshot on Wayback Machine during this 6 months period. Relisting the same domain on the same marketplace is generally not the best flipping strategy but we will see how far the auction will go this time.

Interestingly, the domain is not an Editor’s choice, suggesting that the reserve price is quite high. My bet is that it is $50,000 so that the owner would not lose money with changing his mind. In the last 3 months, no domain on Flippa reached this level so this will be challenging to flip the domain for profit, maybe if there is someone with developed service without a domain out there.


  1. Darren Burgess June 22, 2016
  2. Hemant Kohli June 22, 2016