Mobile applications for domainers

Smartphones revolutionized the internet consumption in an unprecedented manner. The average time spent on internet is 2.8 hours a day on mobile and 2.4 hours on desktop (average, US adults) according to a very recent, comprehensive study. Moreover, 89% of the mobile time is consumed via apps. So an average adult spends 2.5 hours on the net using mobile apps in the States.

But what about domainers? OK, of course social-minded domainers might have Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. apps installed but I mean what about specialized applications for domainers? One would think that domaining is for open-minded tech gurus, so there are a lot of outstanding applications out there built by and built for domainers. This is not the case, unfortunately.


1, There is no NameJet app for Android and having 2 stars on App Store, one can think that the iPhone app is worse than nothing. It would be so useful to have a working NameJet app with push notifications. If I forgot about a domain that I really want and someone outbids me in the last 5 minutes, it would be a way better option to act fast than getting their email when it is too late already.

2, SnapNames has an app for both Android and iPhone. It is installed on my phone but I should remove it already. It is absolutely useless at the moment, even logging in is a challenge for the app.

3, Whois app. Why is it so difficult to build an good app doing Whois search? Maybe this one is the best but please DomainTools, build an app for domainers that knows everything about the life of the domains.


1, Alexa app does not add anything what one can see on the mobile website but at least exists and a bit more comfortable for frequent Alexa visitors. The app was downloaded more than 50,000 times for Android only!

2, Namebio is one of the best site for domainers and I would be more than happy to use it via an app. Unfortunately instead of making Namebio for Android, Michael came out with The Domain Game. UPDATE: As he pointed out in his comment, than app served more than half million questions so far.

3, GoDaddy Investor app is the best available app among the domain auction marketplaces. But the competitors’ apps are so terrible that it does not mean that this app is any close to the perfect. You cannot browse domains, search for domains, only watch those you bid on your desktop computer. As a positive note, it is very convenient to quick check auction standings here. Although not the domains you are selling, because this feature is also missing. Who would think that it was downloaded almost 100,000 times (Android and iPhone combined)?


There is no winner app for domainers at the moment.

It seems that everyone think that the market is too small for developing an app. Another possible reason of missing or nonfunctional mobile applications is the monopoly situation some company has on its field. Anyhow, it is disappointing that domaining, a prospective industry is years behind the current technology.


  1. Michael October 28, 2016
  2. Zsolt Bikadi Zsolt Bikadi October 29, 2016