No more traffic search on Sedo?

Domain buyers have different types, most of them are looking for good names, but others buy domains for SEO or traffic. Since Sedo has millions of domains in their catalog, the complexity of the search functionality is absolutely crucial. When someone just browse the listed domains, there are not much useful sorting options: name, price and bids. Traffic was the fourth – and the only informative one – but it disappeared unfortunately.

I understand their decision if they were fed up with the tons of fake traffic that was sent by bad faith sellers to large part of the domains to boost their sale. It was such a large scale black-hat activity that maybe 99% of the domains with traffic were influenced. I bet some of the disappointed buyers wanted their money back so Sedo decided to not provide this information anymore.

However, experienced buyers can easily differentiate between real and fake traffic, so they can be disappointed about this move. Especially, the traffic stats of the domains that are parked with Sedo are very reliable, since those would be banned immediately by Google, so there are no fake traffic there. While these stats are still available on those domains’ info page, they are unsearchable and don’t appear in the search results. It has a clear consequence, traffic domain buyers and sellers should say goodbye to Sedo.

Sedo made it clear: buy domains with good keywords or few letters not for their past usage.