Registration data of the latest new gTLD releases

10 new extensions were launched to the public in the last two months, including some interesting ones. Registration data of these extensions were collected from, see below.

TLDRegistryGeneral availabilityRegisteredAvg. reg. fee
.srlInterNetX Corp.10/26/2015121238
.liveRightside Registry10/28/20151631421
.studioRightside Registry10/28/2015618021
.sexICM Registry LLC11/4/2015931490
.earthInterlink Co., Ltd. 11/19/2015245221
.corsicaCollectivité Territoriale de Corse1/19/201643746
.autoUniregistry, Corp. 1/20/20163092400
.carUniregistry, Corp. 1/20/20162922400
.carsUniregistry, Corp. 1/20/20162672400
.familyRightside Registry1/20/2016498521

New extensions of Rightside Registry are the most popular, namely .live, .studio and .family. They keep the registration fee at acceptable level ($21/year), which make these extensions appealing for domainers or end-users. However, better domains are either reserved or premium priced, so it is not that easy to find premium domains for a basic registration fee. E.g. (which is not that great honestly) costs $5500/year or if someone with a common last name is looking to register a family domain can expect something similar (e.g. for $1250/year).

.sex is the second most popular extension in these past two months with almost 10k registrations. The yearly registration fee around $100 makes this extension less appealing especially with many reserved names. Moreover, the extension of .xxx that was born in 2011 is a more “official” extension of the topic that makes this launch more difficult.

There is not much interest on .earth extension, which is not surprising having many similar already launched and not that popular extensions like e.g. .world. Extensions of .srl and .corsica target local audience with minimal success so far.

We’ve planned registering some .car and .auto domains but bounced back when realized the registration fee. It is obvious that the target registrants are the car manufacturers, the $2400 yearly fee is clearly not suited for domainers or webmasters. I don’t say it is a bad idea, it might keep the extensions clean and high quality. Even the couple of hundreds registered domains make millions a year for the registry.

I don’t see too much end-user potential in the next month launch: .protection, .theatre, .security, .vin, .wine, .cloud so we can expect more slow months of new extensions.

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