The Biggest Domain Sales in 2019

I was a bit curious what some of the highest selling domains have been thus far in 2019, so I decided to do a little bit of research on it. Thanks to the NameBio database, I was able to gather some great statistics on how sales have been doing throughout the first ten months of this year. It’s now the month of October and we’re well into the fourth quarter. In my personal dealings, I’ve found domain sales tend to dip in the fourth quarter. People start taking additional time off from work due to holiday’s like Thanksgiving and Christmas and will be putting their hard earned money aside to pay for Christmas presents, travel expenses, and other things that come with the holiday season. Companies are a bit more conservative as well because they’re trying to save money for end-of-the-year costs such as employee bonuses and tax season. Overall, in my experience I’ve found that companies and individuals just have other things they’re trying to take care of at the end of the year and most aren’t looking to spend money on excess items like domain names unless they really have to. Still, you never know when a big domain sale will hit and I’ve personally never sold one for the kinds of money the domains I’m going to discuss in the post have gone for. So, I guess there is still plenty of time for a few more big domain sales to go through. For now, let’s take a deeper look into what sales have already taken place this year.

Largest Domain Sales in 2019

According to NameBio, there has been 85,692 total domain sales reported in 2019. That’s quite a few and you could probably write a whole series of books to cover them all. With that in mind, I decided to filter things down quite a bit and focus specifically on domains that have sold for $100,000 or more. That brings the total down by over 85,600 sales, leaving just 47 on the year. That number really isn’t bad considering we’re only 10 months into the year. In fact, that means the market is averaging almost 5 six figure domain sales each month this year. Let’s dive into those 47 six figure sales a bit more and see what we can find out!

Domain Marketplaces
The marketplace breakdown reveals some interesting information. First, if you’re not listing your domain names at NamesCon, pushing private sales yourself or having a private broker try and push them for you, then your best chance at selling a domain for $100,000+ appears to be on Sedo. They’ve lead the pack in six figure sales and did more than 3x the next highest aftermarket which was Uniregistry.

  • 12 Domains Sold through Sedo
  • 5 Domains Sold through Private Sale
  • 5 Domains Sold through NamesCon
  • 3 Domains Sold through Uniregistry
  • 2 Domains Sold through GoDaddy
  • Others sold through a variety of places including BQDN, eName, Afternic, and various brokerage companies
  • Domain Extensions
    People who say .COM is king still appear to be right. When it comes to six figure domain sales the .COM extension was responsible for well over 3/4 of all sales.

  • 42 Domains were .COM
  • 2 Domains were .COM.AU
  • 1 Domain was .ORG
  • 1 Domain was .ES
  • 1 Domain was .GAMES
  • Domain Length
    Lots of investors prefer liquid domains (such as & because there is always a market for them. However, when it comes to domain names selling for $100,000 or more, it’s the dictionary word domains that sell the most. Here is a break down of the length and types of domains that sold.

  • 23 Domains were One Word (Dictionary)
  • 7 Domains were Two Words
  • 4 Domains were Exacty Two Characters
  • 6 Domains were Three Letter (LLL)
  • Domain Sale Date
    I talked about average domain sales per month earlier, and upon further research the monthly sales came out almost perfectly even in each quarter so far this year.

  • 15 Took Place in the 1st Quarter
  • 15 Took Place in the 2nd Quarter
  • 17 Took Place in the 3rd Quarter
  • So, where is the list of names? You can visit this link to see for yourself. Just remember to click the “Price” tab so you can filter them from highest to lowest. Listed below are the top five domain sales thus far in 2019. Sold For $30,000,000 USD Sold For $3,000,000 USD Sold For $1,000,000 USD Sold For $950,000 USD Sold For $900,000 USD